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ACWA All-Star Championship Wrestling Alliance

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ACWA_July_2016It has been a little bit over a year since I last seen a ACWA All-Star Championship Wrestling Alliance show.  The they put on last summer had some great matches.  This past Saturday (July 23, 2016) they put on another great show.  This time around all the matches were great.  That was because all the wresters interacted with the crowed.  All the “bad guy” did and awesome job.  Another good thing they did was, they didn’t let intermission drag on to long.  Have been to some events where it was well over an hour.  Was happy to see theses hows.  Hope they put on another one some time soon.  Took some pictures.  Which you can see below.







ACWA Wrestling

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ACWAHave been a while since I have been to an independent wrestling show.  The other night (July 15, 2015) a few of us went to the show put on by ACWA All-Star Championship Wrestling Alliance.  Must say it was a pretty good show.  There were five matches.  Then best one was the third.  Between Lincoln Steen and Cody Deaner.  First off Cody was really good at getting the crowed into the match.  However Lincoln was even better at being the bad guy.  It was great.  Can’t remember all the wresters names but they were all really good.  One guy ended up dislocating this elbow.  Which must be pretty painful.  Knew something was up.  Because after the match, which he lost, he took off like a shot to the backstage.  Did take some pictures.  Most didn’t turn out so good because they are all ways on the move.  Below are a few of the better ones.






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ACWA Went to a wresting, ACWA (Atlantic Championship Wresting Alliance) show at the Membertou Trade and Convention Center last night (Oct 28, 2012).  It has been over a year since I seen one of these independent wresting shows.  Like going to his shows.  So much more fun watching live.  Seeing the crowed go nuts.  Doesn’t really matter if you know how the wresters are.  Because you call all ways tell who the good and bad guys are.  Took a bunch of pictures but they all turned out shitty.  This is another reason why I am thinking about upgrading to a new one.

CWI Wrestling Pictures

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Went to the Sydney show of Championship Wrestling International (CWI) East Coast Invasion tour last night (Aug 24, 2011).  It was better than I thought it was going to be.  The ring was nicely light so when the house lights went you could still see what was going on.  There was six matches in total.  After the first three there was an intermission.  It was planed for 10 minutes but ended up being close to 50 since the wresters were still signing autographic.  Took a bunch of pictures most of the are dark but will post the best looking ones.







CWI Wrestling

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CWI CWI (Championship Wrestling International)  is going to be here in Sydney with their 2011 East Coast Invasion Tour.  Have been to a few live wrestling shows over the years.  One WWE and a bunch of independent shows.  CWI has a bunch of wresters you would have heard of.  Some of them have been around a long time.  From what I can remember from the poster I seen, Scott Steiner, Brutus the Barber, Bushwhacker Luke, The Nasty Boys and X-pac were on it.  Sounds like it should be a good show.  Not to sure if I am going yet.  The show is August 23, 2011 at the Canada Games Complex.  Basic ticket costs $25 and they go up from there.

Wrestlemania 25 Review

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wrestlemania25Finley got around to finish watching Wrestlemania 25.  Being about fours hours long it has to be the longest PPV I have watched.  The show started off good, it was fun then it started to drag.

The Money in the back ladder match was every entertaining.  It was very staged but that kind of match has to be some what.

Next was the Kid Rock concert.  What was a bit boring.  Has he was finishing the last song the divas came out to start there 25 battle royal.  That was chaos.  But was funny in the end when Santino dressed as a women called Santina won.

The Handicap match with Chris Jericho fighting Piper, Steamboat and Snuka was better than I thought it would have been.  Piper did his famous poke the the eyes.  Snuka look every out of shape.  I was shocked at Steamboat it gave Jericho a run for is money.   The worst part was with Mickey Rourke.  He took forever to get to the ring.  He danced around a little.  Then punched Jericho out.  Could see it coming, it was a bit lame.

The Hardy’s match wasn’t too bad.  They did there staple of “extreme” moves.

Rey Mysterio and Bradshaw match was very funny.  Rey came out dress as the Joke after Bradshaw rambled on how it was going to give a great show.  Then Rey won the belt in seconds.

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels match was the best.  They went all out.  It was a real wrestling match with all the big moves and the back and forth that makes these types of matches fun.  This was the high light of Wrestlemania.

The Triple Threat match with Cena, Edge and the Big Show was boring.  The only good part was when Cena picked up both Big Show and Edge.

The last match was the worst.  For the main event it was boring as hell.  Nothing cool or funny happed.

Over all it was a good PPV.  If you cut out the boring stuff it would have been a lot better.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Legends Of Wrestlemania

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Legends Of Wrestlemania Tried the new wrestling game Legends of Wrestlemania last night.  I can’t do a full review because I only played and watched it being played for a few hours.  It is not a bad game but not great either.  The presentation I think is the best part of the game.  They show old videos of the matches you are going to playing.  When the wresters come down to the ring they use the the same style of TV fonts used back when ever time period the match to place.  Which is cool.  The wrester themselves look way over the top.  Their face look right but the rest of them are over exaggerated.  There all so seems to be lots of glitches.  I think this game is more of a rent than own.