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Grand Theft Auto Online Hours Played

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Has been a year since I looked at how many hours I have played in Grand Theft Auto Online.  In the post from last August (2016).  Had played 327 hours and was level 147.   As I am typing this (August 19, 2017) have played 433 hours and am level 173.  Is is by far the most I have played any game.  This is mostly because it’s fun but all so can play with friends.  We setup a map where it is only us hanging out and playing missions.  The online portion of the game will four years old this October.  They are all ways adding stuff.  So don’t think this game will be going offline any time in the near future.

Grand Theft Auto Online Hours Played

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GTAOnline.jpgHave made a few post in the past talking about the hours I have played in Grand Theft Auto Online.  Making another one because.  Have played a little over 327 hours and am level 147.  That is a lot.  The best part was never bored once during that time.  Mostly because they are all ways adding new content.  So it makes it easier to set news goals at getting a new car or some thing else’s.  The last time I played they had a sale on the Buzzard helicopter for 50% off.  Was convicted by my brother to by it since we play this game a lot with me.  We all ways have a blast.  Now we can blow stuff up with the Buzzard.

Grand Theft Auto Online Hours Played

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GTAOnline.jpgOver the years there only been a hand full of games that I managed to play over 100 hours.  Two that I can think of off the top of my head are The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Dark Cloud.   Am sure there are other.  What I get at is.  A few day back while playing some Grand Theft Auto Online with a few people.  Wonder how many hours I have played.  I know it would have to be a lot.  Since every time there is new content I play.  All so my bother and once played for six hours straight.   Wanted to know so login to the Rockstar Games Social Club to see.  Was a bit shocked to see the number, 278 hours 25 minutes.  Well that by far is the most hours I have put into any game.   Am sure I will be putting many more into it as well.  Think I will make another post next year see more many more hours I put in this year.  If you never played it give it a shot.  I know it can be annoying to play with strangers.  However it’s a blast to play with friends.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Festive Surprise 2015

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GTA_Online_Festive_Surprise_2015This will be the third Christmas for Grand Theft Auto Online.  Like the past years there are Christmas themed  clothes and accessories.  Unlike the past years this new stuff and like the past many updates are only or current gen and PC.  They have Santa outfits as well as a bunch of pajamas.  All kinds of Masks.  Three Christmas themed car horns.  One of the best things is every apartment you own has a Christmas tree in it.  There is all so Christmas trees in Legion Square.  All these are free because it only up for a limited time.  It started on December 21, 2015 and will run until January 5, 2016.  You heard about it > here.

GTA Online: Executives And Other Criminals

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GTA_Online_Executives_And_Other_CriminalsThere is yet another awesome update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online.  The new update is called Executives and Other Criminals.  Which will be out on December 15, 2015.   You can head more about it > here.  Not really sure how it all works yet.  From what I have read I understand it like this.  If you are a VIP who runs their own operation you can hire and fire other players to be your bodyguard.  If you are a bodyguard you will get paid and what not.

The other big stuff is there will be new customizable apartments.  Not sure if you can customize the one you might all ready own.  But think it will work much like the lowriders do.  Which is that only certain cars can do it.  The biggest thing is there will be a huge super yacht to get.  They say it is fully staffed and upgradeable.  Am pretty sure the price tag on that will be a lot of GTA$.

There will all so be a new boat, helicopter and new cars.  All so new weapons as well.  You can see the new stuff in the trailer > here or below.


[Update]  First wrote this post before the content was out and very uploaded it.  Not the new content is out there if more information to share.  To be a VIP and hire bodyguards you need to have a million GTA$ in the bank.  To hire or become a bodyguard there in a new app in the in game phone.  They all so have lots of new game modes around the VIP stuff.  There are ten new houses buy.  Like I thought to get one of the customizable apartments you will have to buy one.   There are three to choose from.  They have ten new cars to buy as well as two new helicopters.  Two new weapons to own.  Of course there is all kinds of new cloths and accessories.  Oh, now you can own five garages or apartments.  Then here is the Yacht.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween Surprise

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GTA_Online_Halloween_SurpiseA little over a week ago Grand Theft Auto Online had the Lowriders update out.  Now there is another update out called Halloween Surprise.  Which you can read about > here.  It started October 29, 2015 and runs to November 16, 2015.  They have add some cool stuff to get.  There will be all kinds of new scary masks and face paint.  There are two new cars as well.  One called Lurcher Hearse.  Which is a sweet looking hearse.  Was saving money to buy a lowrider but think I will get the hearse instead. The other car is a 50’s style hot rod called Franken Stange.  They will only be available for this limited time.  However once you buy it, it stays in your inventory.  The other big thing is a new adversary mode called Slasher.  One person is the slasher, who has a shotgun.   The other players have to survive with a flashlight, which is new, for three minutes.  If you do you get a shotgun to fight back.   This all sounds pretty awesome.

[Update]  Gave the slasher mode a try.  Have to say it was interesting.  The map I played looked like the FIB building from the main game.  It played out like I thought it would with me losing all but one round.  You still get money if you don’t win.  Over all it is fun.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Lowriders

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GTA_Online_Lowriders.jpgThis past Tuesday (October 20, 2015) there was a new update for GTA: Online called Lowriders.  If you haven’t seen any on it you can read about it > here.  Gave it a try and am very impressed on just how good the cars look.  The detail inside and out is amazing.  It would be cool if you could do that with all the cars.

Once you have the new update installed and enter online.  You will get a call from Lamar.  You meet him at the new car shop.  There is a bit of story here.  Then he sends you on a mission.   When I did it.  It set me up with three other players.  Two teams, set out in to different lowriders to take out the other gangs.   It was pretty fun.  The only Lamar new mission I tried so far.  After that is over you can go to the shop.  They have six cars to choose from.  Found one of those cars out in the wild.  So took it to the shop to see that the process was like.  Enter the shop and it asks do you want to convert the car over the the base model lowrider.  Which turns out to cost $400,000.  So decided not to do it at that point.  Am sure lots of players will have the money for that if hey were playing the Heists missions.  I haven’t done any of those.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Lowriders Update

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GTA_Online_LowridersThere is a new  update out for Grand Theft Auto Online on October 20, 2015.  Which will be called Lowriders.  It will be cool to have lowrides back in the GTA world.  They are going all out for this update.  There will be about (six?) new cars that can be customized in full lowrider style.  To do this there is a new shop called Benny’s Original Motor Works.  Of course there will be hydraulics.  However there is more.  You will be able to customize the outside and inside the car.  Even there motor and sound system in the trunk.  What is the point if you can’t show off your work.  The got the covered to.  Because you will be able to  open doors, hood and trunk, switch on the engine to flash neons.   All that is pretty cool.

There is more to the update as well.  There will be new missions from Lamar.  Two new weapons, automatic machine pistol and a machete.  There will be new clothes, accessory and hair options.  Three new Adversary Modes.  There other big news is you will be able to buy a fourth property.  So you can keep you car collection going.  You can read about it > here as well as see some pictures.  Oh, this is for current gen and PC only.  Can’t wait to try it out.

Rockstar Editor

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Rockstar_Editor.jpgNow that the Rockstar Editor is out for GTA V/ Grand Theft Auto Online had to give it a go.  When I first seen it videos people did on the PC it looks pretty awesome.  Being on a computer it would be easy to do things.  So wasn’t sure how it would work on the game consoles.

Have to say the editor is pretty robust.  There are two main mode you can use the Directory Mode.  This is were you can pick any character model.  Then change all kinds of options to set the scene.  So then you can start capturing your gameplay.  Then in turn edit it.  Didn’t try this mode yet.

The second is you can capture your story mode or online play.  Decided to play some online to try out the editor.  It is pretty easy to start capturing video.  You just press down on the digital pad.  There are two option, one to just to start recoding  The one is to turn on action recoding.  This captures about 30 seconds or so and keeps doing that to get all the action.

The actual editing is pretty easy. There are some limitations compared to working on a computer.  However they make up for that with all kinds of options with filters and audio.  The coolest thing I like so far is free form camera placement.  You can move the camera to just about any angle.

The only thing I don’t like is when playing back your full project it stops then loads the next clip.  So it doesn’t play start to finish like it would on a computer.

To get the video on to YouTube you must have be a member Rockstar Games Social Club (which is free) and link your YouTube/Google account.

Over all think this is an awesome bonus to GTA V fans.  Gives everyone the ability to make videos with GTA would out having to buy any kind of capturing device.

Played around with the editor for an hour or so.  Just to see what it is all about.  I think with practices and planning some amazing videos can be made.  Below or > here is what is came up with trying it out.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Freemode Events Update

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GTAOnline.jpgThere is a new and very interesting new update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online called Freemode Events Update.  What makes this standout is there will be no loading screens, menu or lobby for this events to take place.  The will happen in the open world and you can choose to take part are not.  You might be asking what are these “events”?  So far they have announced two.

  • King of the Castle An every man for himself turf war where you’ll need to ascend and claim the designated ‘castle’ as your territory, and then fend off everyone else as they go all out to dethrone you.
  • Hunt the Beast — Where one volunteer is temporarily transformed into a faster, stronger, beastly character who must escape relentless pursuers.

Am sure there will be more.  All so there will be two new Adversary Modes.  However I think the biggest news is the update brings the Rockstar Editor to the PS4 and XBox one.  This has been on the PC for a few months now.  Looking forward the most to trying it out.  All this stuff in for this gen consoles.  Non of it will be on PS3 or Xbox 360.  All this good news is even better because it comes out September 15, 2015.  You can read all about it > here.  There is a trailer for it on there as well or > here.