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We Stand On Guard

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We_Stand_On_GuardGot to check out the first two issues of We Stand On Guard.  This is a new comic book series put out by Image Comics.  Wanted to check these out because it has a very interesting storyline.  Which takes past about over a hundred years in the future.  Were the US invades Canada to take control of the water.  There is a band of resistance fighters called Two Four.  Much like their name there and many Canadian stereotypes thing in there.  Which can be good or bad all depending on how you look at.  There is some cool things in the story like the mech’s and robots.  This comic is aimed at a mature audience.  So don’t hold back on the violence.  There are only two issues out and the third will be out September 2, 2015.  From what I have read this will be a six issue run.  So I am guess there will be a trade paper back or a hardcover coming out after the first run is over.  Did like the first two issue and will be check out the rest when they come out.