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Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngA few days before second half of season six started for The Walking Dead.   They put out a trailer, well more of a tease for season two of Fear The Walking Dead.   Which you can see > here or below.  The first season was really good.  Much better than I thought it was going to be.  Learned a little while back the season will be broken up.  It will have 15 episodes.  The first half will air seven.  The other eight will air some time later.   It start April 10, 2016.  All so, after each episode there will be a Talking Dead.  So we will not have to wait long have season six of the main show to end before this one starts.

Fear The Walking Dead Season Two

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngThere is some more awesome TV news.  Thought we were going to have to wait to summer time to see season two of Fear The Walking Dead.  Turns out we don’t have to wait that long.  Because the first half of the second season will start April 10, 2015.  The season will have 15 episodes.  Which seem like an odd number.  The first half will air seven.  The other eight will air some time later.  I am guess in the summer.  If you are a fan of Taking Dead.  The show that air after The Walking Dead.  There will be one after each one of these episodes as well.

Fear The Walking Dead: Season One Review

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngIt has been a fast six weeks.  Season one of Fear The Walking Dead is now over.  Really like this show and all the characters are great.  Everyone has there own story arc which is nice.  What I like best about the show it is something fresh while at the same time having elements we all know and love.  All so like seeing how the characters react to the world spinning out of control.  They don’t even see the worst of yet.  We all know what happens.  Seeing how it all goes down is entertaining.

Looking forward too see how the story unfolds next season.  There are two planned season for this shows.  So I am guess there will be an ending.

[Update]  Just read there will be a Talking Dead after every episode for season two.  Which is pretty awesome.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngThere is a new spin off series for Fear The Walking Dead which is a companion series to The Walking Dead.  This new one is called Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462.  This as a few twist.  It will be a sixteen part web series that will be on as well will air during commercial breaks of The Walking dead.  So one for each episode this season.  They will be about one minute long.  From the title you can tell it takes place on plane.  The story takes place during the same time frame as the Fear The Walking Dead.  The big twist is one of the people on this plane will join the cast for season two of Fear The Walking Dead.  Think this is a pretty cool idea.  You can read all about it > here.

Fear The Walking Dead

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngThe first season of Fear The Walking Dead is all most over.  As I am typing this (September 24, 2015) there are only two episodes left.  It is a short season with only six episodes.  The Walking Dead started out the same way.  Am very impressed with this show.  All the characters are really good.  Just know something bad is going to happen to a lest one of them.  All so like how were get to see how things unfolded during the first few weeks of the outbreak.  Seeing how military comes into play is very interesting as well.  Not sure how the season will end.  But my guess things are going to fall apart pretty fast.

Fear The Walking Dead First Episode

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngThe first episode of Fear The Walking Dead aired last night, August 23, 2015.  Have been looking forward to see it ever since the rumours started there would be a companion series to The Walking Dead.  Was very impressed with the first episode.  It takes place in LA just as the first sings of the outbreak start to come into play.  It is centred around a family that works in a high school.  The oldest son is a drug addict who see something bad happen.  He is not sure if it was the drugs or real.  The family members do not believe him.  As the story moves long we see that things are slowly stating to go bad.

All the actors are really good.  The standout is the the oldest son who’s characters name is Nick Clark.  The season is set to have six episodes. So I know they will be cramming in all kinds of awesome.  The first episode was very strong so I know the rest of the season will be even better.  There will be a second season of this show which will have fifteen episodes.  So there will be lots of Walking Dead for another year.

Fear The Walking Dead

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngWe are not far way from Fear The Walking Dead.  Only a few more days to go.  It starts August 23, 2015.  Have tried not to read or watch anything about the show other than the trailer.  From what I did see and read the show takes place as the zombie out break starting in LA.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out.  Since the main show, The Walking Dead, didn’t get into that at all.   Thinking the show is going to be really good.  Not only because the same people are behind it.  But all so this show is set to run for two seasons.  And the second season has had extra episodes added.  All this took place before the first episode even aired.