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Game of Thrones at San Diego for Comic-Con 2015

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Game_Of_Thrones.jpgIt looks a little while but the Comic-Con panel for Game of Thrones is official on YouTube.  It was posted back on August 5, 2015 on the Game of Thrones Channel.  Remember watching last years and it was pretty interesting.  This one is a bit different the fans ask question which is the norm but this time the put a camera on the people.  So we can see who is asking the questions.  The video is about 50 minutes long.  Think it is well worth to any Game of Thrones fan.  Looking forward to see what happens in season six.  All so re-watching season five on Blu-ray when that comes out.  You can check out the panel > here or below.

Robbie Williams – Millennium

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Robbie_Williams_MillenniumFor this weeks musical throwback Thursday.  Have picked Millennium by Robbie Williams.  This was a huge hit back in 1998/1999.  Do believe this is his biggest hit.  Still know he still making music and touring around the world.  This song is off the 1998 album called I’ve Been Expecting You.  Just found that out.  Because here in Canada I know it from the album The Ego Has Landed.  Hear this song all the time and think it holds up well.  The video not so much.  While it’s  still funny to see the James Bond parody.  My favourite line in the song is, “ Overdose at Christmas and give it up for lent.”  You can see the video > here or below.

Fear The Walking Dead

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngWe are not far way from Fear The Walking Dead.  Only a few more days to go.  It starts August 23, 2015.  Have tried not to read or watch anything about the show other than the trailer.  From what I did see and read the show takes place as the zombie out break starting in LA.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out.  Since the main show, The Walking Dead, didn’t get into that at all.   Thinking the show is going to be really good.  Not only because the same people are behind it.  But all so this show is set to run for two seasons.  And the second season has had extra episodes added.  All this took place before the first episode even aired.

The Hateful Eight Trailer

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The_Hateful_EightThere is a trailer out for Quentin Tarantino’s newest movie called The Hateful Eight.   While not a fan of all his movies.  However they are all way pretty cool.  This new one looks petty awesome.  It`s set in post Civil War during the winter.  Were the eight people involved have to spend time together in a cabin to wait out a storm.  If you have ever seen any of this movies you now there will be lots of back and forth between them.  All so, lots of over the top shoot outs.  It is set to come out Christmas Day in some place and the rest of the theaters January 8, 2016.  Check out the trailer > here or below.

We Stand On Guard

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We_Stand_On_GuardGot to check out the first two issues of We Stand On Guard.  This is a new comic book series put out by Image Comics.  Wanted to check these out because it has a very interesting storyline.  Which takes past about over a hundred years in the future.  Were the US invades Canada to take control of the water.  There is a band of resistance fighters called Two Four.  Much like their name there and many Canadian stereotypes thing in there.  Which can be good or bad all depending on how you look at.  There is some cool things in the story like the mech’s and robots.  This comic is aimed at a mature audience.  So don’t hold back on the violence.  There are only two issues out and the third will be out September 2, 2015.  From what I have read this will be a six issue run.  So I am guess there will be a trade paper back or a hardcover coming out after the first run is over.  Did like the first two issue and will be check out the rest when they come out.

The Raid 2 Review

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The_Raid_2Have been wanting to see The Raid 2 for well over a year now.  Heard good things about it.  All so the first one was pretty good.  This one picks right up after the events of the first movie.  How ever is much different than the first.  Mind you all the crazy fights scenes are there and ramped up by a thousand.  Found the story a bit confusing in spots.  That was most because it was dub into English and some of the characters were only in for a little bit of time.  Then there was their names.  Would forget who was who.  Once I got pasted that it was all about the fights scenes.  There were so good.  Then each one gets more and more brutal.

If you liked the first Raid movie you will like this one as well.  However you don’t need to see the first one.  The story is a bit hard to follow at first.  It is all so way too long.  About two and a half hours.  I think like most people, like myself we watch this type of movie for all the crazy over the top action.  This one as many.  Well worth giving a rent.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

ScottDW – Wilderness

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ScottDW_Wilderness.jpgBack in June (2015) made a post talking about a cool video made by Scott Winn (ScottDW).  Which is called Motorcycle Surfing at 50+ MPH.  Which is pretty awesome.  Check that out > here.  What I like about it the most is the song.  Which he all so made.  Which is called Wilderness (feat. Drew Alexander).  It has been on his Bandcamp page since the middle of May.  Well the other day he uploaded to YouTube.  Think this is great because give more people a chance to listen to this awesome song. Give it a listen > here or below.


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ShotcutHave discovered a new (to me) video editor I have to try out.  It is called Shotcut.  It is an open source program so anyone can use it.  It has a long list of features and the interface looks good.  They all so have some tutorials and how-to on the website as well.  Took a quick look at one of the videos and it works pretty much like other videos editors.  Plan to try this one out soon.  Will be back with an update when I do.  If you are interested you can check it out > here.

Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days

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Wang_Chung_Dance_Hall_DaysWas trying to think what song to use for this weeks musical throwback Thursday.  Then it came to me why not pick a song from a game soundtrack.  One of the best soundtracks is from GTA: Vice City.  Which is full of many awesome 80’s songs.  One of my favourites is Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung.  They are a very 80’s band who is are still on the go today.  They have many hits.  This one and Everybody Have Fun Tonight are their most famous (I think).  Dance Hall Days has been featured in a lot of movies and TV shows.  The song is off their second album called Points on the Curve released in 1983.  The video is pretty bad but still a great song  > here or below.

Batman: Arkham Knight Review

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BatmanArkhamKnight.jpgFinished up the main storyline and about 90% of the side missions (so far) in Batman: Arkham Knight.  They story was really good in spots and others fell a bit flat.  Think this is because its an open world game.  I love open world games.  That is pretty much all the games I own now.  They all run into the same problem at at some point.  That is when something big goes down in the story line.  Then its back to doing the side missions like nothing happened.  I know there is not much that can be done with at.

The map is even bigger because you get to use the Batmobile a lot.  At first found the controls a bit hard to get use to.  That is because there are two modes.  One is the regular driving mode.  Which is fine but when you get in a pursuit the camera pulls back a bit.  Then when taking corners or taking the bad guys out it goes funny.  Takes some time getting used to.  The second mode is battle mode.  Turns the Batmobile into a tank.  This can be fun and a pain at the some time.   It helps a lot to upgrading it.  Not only can you upgrade Batman and his tech/weapons/fighting.  You upgrade the Batmobile weapons and defenses.

There are a lot of varied side missions.  Which are all fun for the most part.  So of then are all finished at %100 with in about four of five segments.  While others take the whole storyline play though to unlock.  Like the past games there are lots of Riddler trophies to find.  Some are easy to find other have many step puzzles to get them.  Even the Batmobile comes into play with some.

Over all the game is a blast to play.  Its much like there other but new and different at the some time.  All so like the other games the combat can be a blast when you get the flow just right. Then a pain in the ass when they throw too many at you.  Each which takes a different technique to take down.  Which makes for some very frustrating moments.  Had some frustrating moments in the main storyline missions.  But not as many as the last games.  Not sure if there will be any more Arkham games.  If they do make another I would gladly buy another one.  Arkham Knight is a great game.  Well worth the time and money.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)