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PlayStation Plus September Game’s Line-up

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PlaystationPlus.jpgThe game line up for August’s free games is out for PlayStation Plus members is now out.  You can read the official blog post > here.  There is a few interesting games this time.  The other are more of those pixels platform puzzle type games.  The most interesting one is Grow Home.  Have read some good thing about this one.  Will have to give it a try.  Below is the list of games as well as a video showing small clips of each game.  You will be able to download them September 1, 2015.


Grow Home.  Not sure how to describe the game.  Other than I want to explore this world.

Super Time Force Ultra.  One of many pixelated side-scroller shooters.

Teslagrad.  Side-scrolling puzzle-platformer.

Xeodrifter.  One more pixelated side-scroller shooter. In the same vain as Metroid.


Twisted Metal.  This is the last version of the game from 2012.  The gameplay is a bit dated but still fun.



La Mulana EX.  Looks like a Indiana Jones/Castlevania 16-bit game.