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LEGO Art Jim Lee Batman Collection

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LEGO_Art Jim_Lee_Batman_CollectionKept seeing adds pop up on Facebook for this interesting LEGO Batman art.  So looked into it.  Turns out it is called LEGO Art Jim Lee Batman Collection.  It is a flat plastic board which you put coloured pegs on.  Another feature is, you can make two other pictures with it,  Joker or Harley.  All so if you buy two kits you can put them together and make bigger Batman or a Batman with Catwoman.  Think it is very cool and would like to get one.  But then I seen the price, $150.00 and over at they want $155.00.  May be it might be my birthday gift this year.

LEGO – Batmobile: The Penguin Chase

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LEGO_Batmobile_The_Penguin_ChaseThe week before The Batman movie is set to be out (March 4, 2022).  Took a look over at Walmart to see if there might be any new action figures or the like.  Didn’t see anything.  Until I seen a display of LEGO that caught my eye.  There were three items on it.  First one was Batman & Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit.  Next was Batmobile: The Penguin Chase.  Last was the very awesome but very expensive Technic The Batman: Batmobile.  Was very temped to buy it.  It has over 1300 pieces.  However at $100.00 (or more some places) that is a bit too much for me.  That being said did buy the other Batmobile.  This one has 392 pieces.  Not sure when I will get around to putting it together.

LEGO Brick Headz

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LEGO_Brick_Headz_BatmanCame across these cool little building toys from LEGO.  They are called Brick Headz.   There are three product lines.  One for DC, Disney and Marvel.  What caught my eye in the store was a LEGO Batman.  Took a closer look and they had a few different ones there.  There is Batman, Batgirl, Robin and The Joker.  Which are based of the LEGO Batman Movie.  Could not pass up buying one or two. So I bought Batman and Joker.  Thinking I might just go back and buy the the two to complete the set.  Have not put them together yet.  When I do.  Will post a picture.

LEGO Worlds Hands On

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Have been keeping my eye on LEGO Worlds since I first heard about it.  It is just like Minecraft with a LEGO twist.  While in at Best Buy seen they had one copy left and a price of $30.00.  Couldn’t pass the deal up.  So bought it.  As I am typing this June 27, 2017 have only played the opening tutorial level.  There seems to be two modes one is, you crash land on a planet.  Discover what you need to then fly to another one.  The other mode is creative. Were you can build what you want.  The game is two player co-op.  Not sure how that works yet. But should be fun.  Just like every other LEGO game I have played the menu system is very confusing.

[Update]  Have gotten around to playing so more of this.  Once you get past the opening worlds.  Which show you how to use all the tools the game gets better.  The worlds get bigger and more things to do.  Plan on trying the creative mode out next.

LEGO Worlds

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LEGO_WorldsA few years ago heard about a interesting game called LEGO Worlds.  It a PC game in early access on Steam.  The game is an open world/sandbox that is procedurally generated.  You can pretty much built anything you could in real life LEGO in the game world.  It would lets you build with predefined elements or you could build brick by brick.

Well years later the game is official coming out.  Not just on PC.  The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are getting it was well.  Game is set to be out March 7, 2017.  The date could change of course.  Another cool think about it is the price.  Retail in Canadian money is $30.00.   Might just get a copy.

LEGO DC Comics Superheroes – Justice League: Gotham City Breakout

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LEGO_DC_Comics_Superheroes_Justice_League_Gotham_City_BreakoutIt is not a surprise that there is another  LEGO DC Comics Superheroes movie coming out.  This new one is called Justice League: Gotham City Breakout.  The story has Batman going on vacation.  While the rest of the Justice League watch over Gotham.  Have seen all these LEGO DC movies.  Each one looks visual better than the one before it.  This one looks amazing.   You can see for yourself with the trailer > here or below.   It all so nice to that they are bring in more characters.  It will be out on July 12, 2016.

The LEGO Batman Movie -Trailer

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The_LEGO_Batman_MovieThere is a new LEGO Batman movie coming out February 2017.  Which is called The LEGO Batman Movie.  This is not to be confused with the other LEGO Batman movie from 2013.  That one was based off the LEGO Batman video games and as since spawned five other movies.   This new one is based off of The LEGO Movie.  Once you see the trailer > here or below.  It shares the same type of humour and tone.  Which I think is awesome.  All so in the trailer you can see that the Justice League will play a part in it.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash Review

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LEGO_DC_Comics_Super_Heroes_Justice_League_Cosmic_Clash.jpgAll most forgot that LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash was out now on Blu-ray/DVD.  Have seen the four others that came before this one.  They do get better visual quality with each one.  The voice acting is top notch.  However this one is not as good as the other.  The story is too cookie cutter.  The jokes were fine but they use the same ones too many times.  These movies are aimed a young crowed.  Think kids today are much to smart and will see all the story twists coming.

Sure its the best looking LEGO DC movie yet.  It is just not as good or fun at the others.  All the plot points can be seen coming a mile away.  This is a rental to watch after you seen other movies on your list.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

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LEGO_Batman_3_Beyond_Gotham.jpgBought a copy of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham a few weeks ago.  Just now got around to trying it out.  Have to say it is pretty good.  Played about hour so far.   Been a long time since I played a LEGO game.  Sure they are pretty much all the same.  Running around breaking bricks, collecting things and solving puzzles.  But that can be said about lots of other games.  The thing is it is still fun.  The best things about these games is the comedy.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

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LEGO_Batman_3_Beyond_GothamWas looking though the cheap bin at a local store and seen there was a copy of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.  So decided to buy it.  Mostly because it has Batman and gang.  All so I only own one other LEGO game for my PS3.  So it would be nice to have one on my PS4.  The game was first out in November 2014.  There are 105 character from the DC Comics universe.  Which is pretty cool.  Not sure when I will be playing since I have a few other games to play first.