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Funko – Mystery Minis

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Has been awhile since I bought some Funko vinyls Mystery Minis.  Took a quick look at a local store to see if they had any new Funko products in.  It looks like they are getting rid of the section.  They didn’t have much.  But they did have some of the Horizon Zero Dawn mystery minis marked down to $5.00 each.  While I haven’t played the game they are based off (plan to at some point) bought two any way.  The ones I got are Watcher and Helis.

Funko – Mystery Minis

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With the last season of Game of Thrones just around the corner.  Seen a local store had a sale of Funko vinyls Mystery Minis.  They had some of Game of Thrones Series 3 left.  Have three all ready from this series.  So wasn’t going to buy any more since I didn’t want to end up with one I all ready had.  But then decided to buy two.  Has been about six months since I last bought a Funko product.  Think I might be getting addicted again.  The two I got are Samwell Tarly and Daenerys Targaryen (Meereen).

Funko – Pint Size Heroes WWE

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Have added two more Funko items to my growing collection.  This time is from their Pint Size Heroes line, WWE.    Have a few others this this type from the DC line.  More of a fan of the Mystery Minis.  But these are pretty cool as well.  They take up much less room.  The two I got are Kevin Owens and Nikki Bella.  They are nicely detailed paint.

Funko – Mystery Minis

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Two more to my growing Funko vinyls Mystery Minis.  One of the local stores I used to buy these from has closed down.  Well there other day while in Walmart seen that the have started to see more of them as well.  Have gotten a few there but they all ways seem to have the same sets.  Not this time.  There was “new” one there, Justice League,  the live action movie.  Was hoping to get a Batman but no luck.  Got Aquaman and Barry Allen.  They both look great.  With lots of detail.

Funko – Mystery Minis

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Have add two more Funko vinyls Mystery Minis to my collection.  There is something about these I really enjoy buying.  Think it is that they are just the right size.  Not too big or small.  All so there are so many different ones to choose from.  This time around bought another one from the The Walking Dead Series 4 line.  Got Sasha Williams.  The second one is from Game of Thrones Series 3.  Got (hooded) Tyrion Lannister.

Making Fun — The Story Of Funko Review

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Now that the Funko documentary, Making Fun, The Story of Funko, on Netflix, gave it a watch.  It plays out and looks like every documentary made now a days.  It starts off with how the company came to be.  Had they build up a strong following.  Then part way though they start taking to fans. The last part is about the making of the Funko HQ.

Did like this documentary just wished there was more behind the scenes about them.  They have some fun interviews with some famous people.  Would all so liked to seen more of that. Over all it is well worth your time watching.  Just don’t think Funko fans will find anything new information they don’t know all ready.

4 out of 5 (GT = Good Times)

Making Fun — The Story Of Funko

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Making_Fun_The_Story_Of_FunkoBack in January (2018) learned there was a documentary about Funko which was been taking around to some film festivals.  If you have every stopped by this blog you might know I am a fan of Funko and own some of their products.  After seen the trailer for this documentary got thinking when I will the rest of the world get to see it.  Was hoping at some point it would be put on their YouTube channel.  Well the other day the got some good news.  The next best thing the doc will be coming to Netflix.  The even better part is it will be out worldwide May 24, 2018.  So I will be watching that on the weekend.  They all so put out a new trailer to announced it is coming to Netflix.  You can see that > here or below.

Funko – Mystery Minis – The Walking Dead Series 4

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If you have stopped by this blog you might know I am a fan of the Funko vinyls Mystery Minis.  Back in the summer of 2016 bought two from The Walking Dead Series 4.  Well the other day seen a store had a brand new case of these minis.  So bought two more.  The first one is Wolves Walker.  The second one was a nice surprise.  One of the harder to get, Rick Grimes (Constable).  The back of the box says it 1/24 of getting.


Making Fun — The Story Of Funko Trailer

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Making_Fun_The_Story_Of_FunkoSeen an interesting trailer for a documentary about Funko.  It is called Making Fun, The Story of Funko.  I don’t know much about this company.  But I do know that their products are every were.  They are famous for the pop culture toys.  So much so they are pop culture themselves.  I own about 30 or so of their products.  Would very much like to see this documentary.  Not yet sure how it will be distributed.  The website say it will have it’s world premiere on January 22, 2018 in Hollywood.  I hope they put this on their YouTube channel.  You can watch the trailer > here or below.

Funko – Mystery Minis – DC Heroes & Pets

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Think I might have a bit of a problem.  Have bought two more Funko vinyls Mystery Mini’s.  Really like colleting these.  But I limited myself to a few every so many months.  All so like to collect from different product lines.  This time the two I bought are from the DC Heroes and Pets Line.  They are a bit too cutesy for my taste.  All so they feel really cheap compared to the other Mini’s.  The ones I got are Joker and Krypto.