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Elegoo Mercury

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Didn’t take long for my Elegoo Mercury to show up in the mail in about a week.  Bought this to go along with my Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  This resin curing station will work a lot better than the tin foil lined box I made with a light on top.  I haven’t tired it out yet waiting for my ultrasonic cleaner to show up.  Ordered them at the some time but that is coming from BC.  Should be here next week.  Will be back with another post once I give it a try.

ELEGOO Mercury

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About a week ago talk about the Elegoo Mercury.  This is a resin curing station to go along with the Elegoo Mars 3D printer or any small formant resin printer.  Well I have ordered one.  For a bit there they were not in stock.  As soon as they were I ordered it.  Will take about a week to get here.  Have all so ordered an ultrasonic cleaner.  These will help me out lots with clean an curing the prints.  Want to get more into this other than the odd thing printed every now and again.  Will be back with another post with pictures when they show up.

ELEGOO Mercury and Mercury Plus

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ELEGOO_MercuryIf you have stopped by this blog over the past year you will know that I have and Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  All so I did order an Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine.  But ever got it because they stopped sending them to Canada.  You can get one of but they want too much money.  For awhile Elegoo have been teasing that the would be putting you their own resin curing machine.  That is out now and is called the Elegoo Mercury.  Which is not a bad price over at Amazon (as I am typing this July 5, 2020) $80.00.  However there is another options out there, some what.  It is called the Elegoo Mercury Plus.  It is their version of the Anycubic machine.  However there is not much to go on yet.  Have seen some pictures and some saying they have one.  Am eyeballing the Mercury but if there is a washing and curing machine on it’s way, just might wait it out.