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ELEGOO Mercury and Mercury Plus

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ELEGOO_MercuryIf you have stopped by this blog over the past year you will know that I have and Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  All so I did order an Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine.  But ever got it because they stopped sending them to Canada.  You can get one of but they want too much money.  For awhile Elegoo have been teasing that the would be putting you their own resin curing machine.  That is out now and is called the Elegoo Mercury.  Which is not a bad price over at Amazon (as I am typing this July 5, 2020) $80.00.  However there is another options out there, some what.  It is called the Elegoo Mercury Plus.  It is their version of the Anycubic machine.  However there is not much to go on yet.  Have seen some pictures and some saying they have one.  Am eyeballing the Mercury but if there is a washing and curing machine on it’s way, just might wait it out.

Elegoo Mars Prints

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Have gotten back to using my 3D printer an Elegoo Mars.  Months ago gave Tinkercad a try and came up with a simple coin design.  This is what I printed.  Well seven of them.  Once I the model how it need to be on the build plate it cloned it over six more times.  When I design it use the dimensions of a toonie.  Thinking it would keep the same size.  However after the print stop seen that they were much smaller.  So going to give it another try and up the size scale a bit.


Elegoo Mars Spar Building Plate

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Elegoo_Mars_Spar_Building_PlateBlogging about the Elegoo Mars again because I just found out you can buy spar build plates.  They have them over at > here.  They don’t seem to be on just let.  Am sure at some point they will be.  Think this is a good idea for may reasons.  May be you scratched yours up too much.  Or may be you want to keep printing with out stopping to remove a print.  Just put the new one on.  Another reason is it comes with the better plate leveling screws.  They are bigger and stick out.  In the older models like mind the are sunken in.

Elegoo Mars More Prints

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Have printed more things off with my Elegoo Mars.  Have been trying out didn’t types of models and sizes.  After printing off Leo from the TMNT > here.  Found a He-man figure.  It was bigger than Leo so didn’t want to waste too much resin.  There is an option in ChiTuBox to hollow out the models.  Then you can put small drain holes in so the resin inside can come out.  It turned out great as you can see for yourself below.  That file can be found > here.




Elegoo Mars First Print

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Should have shared this all ready.  A few post back talked about my Elegoo Mars and the first print I will make after the test one is Leo from the TMNT.  You can see the file > here.  All so in that post show the file in ChiTuBox.  Well it turned out great.  After it was cured.  I wet sanded were the supports were attached.  The glued it together with Gorilla super glue.  Very happy how it turned out.  You can see for yourself in the picture below. Thinking I might try and paint it.  Since then have printed a few more things.  Now my goal is to make my own 3D models.  Have started to with Tinkercad.