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ELEGOO Mini Air Purifier

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ELEGOO_Mini_Air_PurifierIf you have stopped by this blog with the last year you might now that I have a Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  This uses resin.  Which has a strong smell to it.  Am sure it can’t be really good for you to breath in.  A little while back seen a device that they put out called the Elegoo Mini Air Purifier.  This are two little battery power carbon filters.  They sit next to the resin vat and you put the cover over them.  At that time didn’t buy it because I wanted to look up more about them.  Didn’t find much.  When back to buy then any way and they were out of stock.  Fast forward to early September (2020) and seen that had then back in stock > here so order one.  (They are out of stock again as I am typing this September 13, 2020).  Have yet to try them out.  Do hope they work good.  If they do will be able to print more in the winter with out having to open up windows.

3D Modeled Coin

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Awhile back I made a 3D model of a coin using Tinkercad and printed on my Elegoo Mars.  Printed off about seven of them at one time.  They didn’t turn out so good.  So decided to start over.  The first time I use the dimensions of Toonie.  This time I just made a bigger coin thinking it will be cooler to look at and hold.  Making them as kind of like a promo for the YouTube channel I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  In the picture below.  The small coin in the front is the old model and the one in the back is the new.  I have printed off six off the new.  Just need to clean and cure them.  Will be back with another post.



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PrusaSlicerAs you may know I have Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  Now that I have an Elegoo Mercury and an ultrasonic cleaner have jumped back into printing things.  When I first got the printer my brother wanted a 3D model of a shotgun shell upsized.  Found one online so that is what I wanted to print.  The auto supports in ChiTuBox are not so great.  So decided to try my hand at doing it manually.  Once that was done ran it though the program Photon Validator.  This finds un-supported islands so you can fix them in ChiTuBox.  Did that and is it seems fined.  Started to print it.  When I check on it about 35% done, this is about the spot you can see the built plate.  Seen that the shell was not stuck to the plate.  It had failed.

On a Facebook group for awhile now have been reading that people have been using PrusaSlicer to add auto supports and then do the slicing in ChiTuBox.  This Slicer is made to be used of the Prusa printers but you can set it up to be used with their resin printer.  That is what you use to add the supports.  Watched some video on how to and it is easy enough to setup.  Gave it a go.  As I am typing this the file is stuck to the build plate and looking good.  Thinking I will keep using these three programs to make 3D printing so much easier.  Will be back with an update once the shell is done.

Elegoo Mercury

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Didn’t take long for my Elegoo Mercury to show up in the mail in about a week.  Bought this to go along with my Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  This resin curing station will work a lot better than the tin foil lined box I made with a light on top.  I haven’t tired it out yet waiting for my ultrasonic cleaner to show up.  Ordered them at the some time but that is coming from BC.  Should be here next week.  Will be back with another post once I give it a try.

ELEGOO Mercury

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About a week ago talk about the Elegoo Mercury.  This is a resin curing station to go along with the Elegoo Mars 3D printer or any small formant resin printer.  Well I have ordered one.  For a bit there they were not in stock.  As soon as they were I ordered it.  Will take about a week to get here.  Have all so ordered an ultrasonic cleaner.  These will help me out lots with clean an curing the prints.  Want to get more into this other than the odd thing printed every now and again.  Will be back with another post with pictures when they show up.

ELEGOO Mercury and Mercury Plus

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ELEGOO_MercuryIf you have stopped by this blog over the past year you will know that I have and Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  All so I did order an Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine.  But ever got it because they stopped sending them to Canada.  You can get one of but they want too much money.  For awhile Elegoo have been teasing that the would be putting you their own resin curing machine.  That is out now and is called the Elegoo Mercury.  Which is not a bad price over at Amazon (as I am typing this July 5, 2020) $80.00.  However there is another options out there, some what.  It is called the Elegoo Mercury Plus.  It is their version of the Anycubic machine.  However there is not much to go on yet.  Have seen some pictures and some saying they have one.  Am eyeballing the Mercury but if there is a washing and curing machine on it’s way, just might wait it out.

Elegoo Mars Prints

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Have gotten back to using my 3D printer an Elegoo Mars.  Months ago gave Tinkercad a try and came up with a simple coin design.  This is what I printed.  Well seven of them.  Once I the model how it need to be on the build plate it cloned it over six more times.  When I design it use the dimensions of a toonie.  Thinking it would keep the same size.  However after the print stop seen that they were much smaller.  So going to give it another try and up the size scale a bit.


Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine One Last Update

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Finally heard back about the Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine I ordered back in March (2020).  They said it will not be shipped since it will no longer be a Canadian supplier.  When I first looked at getting this I did check to see if they are or ship to Canada.  At that time they did.  Then they asked if I wanted a refund.  Well of course I do.  Not going to give you my money for free.  Need to keep a close eye on my Pay Pal to make sure they do.  Still every much would like to get on of these machines.  They only place in Canada is to get one now is  Which is fine but they want too much.  All more $100.00 than I paid the first time.  If they do go on sale at some point it jump at it.

[Update] Since typing this post have received a refund.

Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine Another Update

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Still waiting to see when I will receive the Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine I bought back in March (2020).  A little bit back story. Ordered it and at that time it was for sale and at a good price.   Went though buying it with Pay Pal.  Received and email saying you order has been received.  Will update you went it ships.  As I did that the product listing went back to be a pre-order.  Since then It now for sale again.  Every day I check my email for original link they sent me to see if they are shipping it.  Still haven’t received any notices.  So I sent them an email asking questions.   A week and a half later, still no reply.  Going to email again.  I know the world is a bit crazy now but an simple email would be nice.

Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine Update

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It was back in March (2020) that I ordered the Anycubic Washing & Curing Machine.  At that time it was for sale and at a good price.   Went though buying it with Pay Pal.  Received and email saying you order has been received.  Will update you went it ships.  A few weeks go by and still haven’t got any news on shipping.  Head back to their website.  The product listing reads it back to pre-ordering.  So my guess I just missed out on the first batch.  It is now April 11, 2020 (As I am typing this).  The website says it is now sold out.  Do hope I get some kind of info on it soon.  If not just might have to see if I can get my money back.