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Elegoo Cura

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Have owned my Elegoo Neptune 2 for all most two years now.  During this time have been using the version of Ultimaker Cura that came with it.  I know there are other options out there and updates.  But happy with out this works.  The reason for talking about this I have been trying out support blocker feature.  They call it Eraser in this software.  It took me a bit of time to figure out but think I got the hang of it.  Will find out for sure once I give the part a print.

EconoFil™ Standard PLA Filament

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Have had the two spools of EconoFil standard PLA in black > here from sitting in a box since July (2022).  Now that I have used up all the other filament, it is time to try this one out.  Not to sure if I will need to change any of the setting in the slicer.  So going to print something small first.  If that does ok.  Have a bunch of projects planned.

EconoFil™ Standard PLA Filament Arrived

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The EconFil standard PLA in black > here from arrived in the mail on (July 18, 2022.)  Took about a week to get here.  Which is not too bad but it still cost me $22.00 in shipping.  Back in November (2021) the cheap shipping was $17.00.  Not sure how quickly I will be getting to use this PLA since I just open the last roll of the other PLA I had.  Just hope this stuff is just as good or better.

EconoFil™ Standard PLA Filament

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EconoFil_Standard_PLA_FilamentHave decided on the next PLA filament from, I am going to buy.  it is EconFil standard PLA in black > here.  Went though all the PLA they offer and this one had the best price point.   All so this past weekend (July 9, 2022) they were running a 20% off sale with a coupon code they emailed.  So ordered two rolls.

[Update]  It has been shipped.  My guess it might be here by the end of the week.

PLA Filament

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It was back in October (2021) that I ordered some PLA filament from,  Bought two rolls of this one > here.   A few days ago the first roll ran out so opened the second up.  Want to order more to have on hand.   Have been happy with it but sadly this one is still out of stock.  So looking at some other brands from the same website.  For course they those other rolls are more money.  Will be back with an update once I decided on which one to get.

Elegoo Neptune 2

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This coming June (2022) have had my Elegoo Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer for a year.  While I haven’t printed much in the past few weeks.  Still very happy with it.  Talking about is because you can’t buy this model any more.  A little while after it was out they put an upgraded model, Neptune 2S.  This is the same with improvements.  A few days ago seem some 3D printing YouTuber’s have been teasing a new model, Neptune 3.  As of typing this (May 23, 2022) there is no info out yet.  Will be keeping my eye on it.  Want to see what the differences are.

[Update]  They put out info on the Neptune 3.  You can see it  > here.  Looks like they did lot of improvements.  Easy to assemble and has auto bed leveling.  At the time of this typed update (May 28, 2020.  They are asking $267.13 Canadian.  That is a super good deal.

Low Poly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Update

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Back in November (2021) 3D printed some low poly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, these files > here.   Scaled them up 300% and the turned out awesome.  Want to paint them put the weather had turned a bit too cold to prime.  Well the other day (January 6, 2022) the temperature it about 8c so decided to give them a priming any way.  Left them on the shed over night because of the smell.  The next day brag them inside to see if they would dry.  It seemed to have worked.  Now I can start to paint them.  Will be back with more updates along the way.

Low Poly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Low_Poly_Ninja_TurtlesHad lots of fun printing and painting the Low Poly Hulk model.  Decided to see what other cool low poly models are out there.  When is seen someone made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I just had to do that next.  Printed Leo off first at the size the STL file was.  It was pretty small. So, scaled it up 300%, that will make it much better to paint and display.  After printed the other three turtles.  They all took bit over five hours to print.  Wanted to prime them but it is November now.  Meaning the weather is not so great.  If not, am not sure how will paint will stick to the PLA.  Might have to test that out.  As for the models you can download them yourself > here.

Low Poly Hulk Done

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Made a few posts all ready talking about the Low Poly Hulk model form > here.   3D printed it in black PLA.  The prime it in grey.  After that painted it.  It took three coats of green.  Two for the purple and just one for the black.  After I finished painting it.  Had to do a few touch ups with my hand wobbled.  As you can see the picture below.  I think it turned out great.  My next step is to seal it in a clear coat.  The only problem is, its November so the weather can be hit or miss.


Low Poly Hulk

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A few posts back talked about 3D printing a Low Poly Hulk model that I got from > here.   It took over 19 hours to print and it turned out amazing.  Decided that I will paint.  With only three colours it should be an easy job.  Picked up some green and purple paint.  All ready have some black.  So far as I am typing this (November 12, 2021, have two coats of green on.  Thinking one more should do it.  Then I will move on to the purple pants.  Will post a picture or two when it is done.