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The Last Of Us: One Night Live

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TheLastOfUsRemastered.jpgThere is an interesting event talking place this coming Monday,  July 28, 2014.  You may or may not know that The Last of Us is coming to the PlayStation 4 the next day July 29, 2014.  The event will have some of the actors reading key scenes from the game.  They will all so be playing live the musical score.  This all sounds pretty cool.  Since the game is so well made and the sound track is pretty awesome.  There will all so be a Q and A with the people that made the game.  The best part is every one will get to see it.  Because they will be streaming it on the PS4 though the PlayStation live events viewer.  If you are not a PS4 owner yet.  You can all so check it out on PlayStation’s Twitch or YouTube channels.  They put out a trailer as well.  Which you can see > here or below.

Grounded: The Making Of The Last Of Us

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grounded_making_the_last_of_usWas going though some old bookmarks I saved.  To reminded me to go back and check out certain things to watch.  Came across one for the video game documentary, Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us.  At first the documentary only could be watched by people who bought the season pass for the game.  But back February (2014) PlayStation published it on their YouTube channel so every one can watch it.   So that’s what I did today.  There is a bit of a warring at the beginning say you would finish the game before watching.  That is because there are some spoilers in the documentary.

This was a very well made documentary.  It covers just about every thing from start to finish on how the game came to be to days before it was to done.  It flows nicely from one aspect to the next.  They talk about how the idea of the game, to the actors, the artists and programmers.  It was very interesting.  The Last of Us is one the best video games every made.  This documentary is a must watch for any video game fan.  Even if you have no interest in playing the game.  You will still learn all the work that goes into making one.  You can check it out > here or below.

The Last Of Us Remastered

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TheLastOfUsRemasteredIn June (2013) the awesome game The Last of Us was released.  Even since then there were rumours and people wishing the  game would be on the Playstation 4.   Well if you are one of the people, you get your wish.  The game we be called The Last Of Us Remastered.  You can read about it > here.  Being on the PS4 it will have a higher resolution.  It will come with the single player expansion, Left Behind.   As well as some of the multiplayer DLC.  One other cool thing is all the in game cinematics will have director’s commentary.  There is no release date yet but they are saying Summer 2014.  This is pretty cool if you have never played the game and own a PS4.  Can’t see myself getting a copy when I buy a PS4.  Well maybe if I can find it cheap later on down the road.

The Last Of Us Review

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TheLastOfUs.jpgBy far one of the best games every made, The Last of Us.  Have said it a few times all ready, have never playing anything this this before.  Sure some of the gameplay mechanics we all have done before.  But it is how it is done.  The way the story brings you into this brutal, but all so beautiful world.  The game as the best voice acting I have ever heard.  If they translated this word for word and shot for shot into a live action movie it would blow every one way.  Like I said the game pulls you in.  The quite moments so well done you want to see everything.  Look into every corner.  Then they mix in a well balanced action moments.  You will die a bit in this game.  But the automatic save system does a great job so you are not having to go back to far from were you died.  It is a very smart check point save system.

Hands down this is one of the best games every made.  It will hold up far a very long time.  It raises the bar to a new level.  Anyone with a PS3 needs to get this game.  There are no other game out there to compare this to.  Can’t wait to play though it again.  Once you finish the game you can replay with this plus mode.  Not 100% sure what it means.  But my guess is you keep the upgrades so you can full upgrade you guy and this gear.  Have not tried the multiplayer yet.  When I do will be back to talk about that.  Did buy the strategy guide for the game the other day.  Bought this because I want to find every thing there is in the game.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Art Of The Last Of Us

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TheArtOfTheLastOfUsAs I am typing this post I am about 60% of the way though The Last of Us.  It is one of the best games ever made.  Have not played any like it before.  But not here to talk about the game.  Here to talk about some books based on the game.  First is The Art of The Last Of Us.  Seen it posted some were on Facebook I think.  So I had to look it up.  Does look pretty good.  Thinking about picking up a copy since I am really enjoying the game.  It comes in a hardcover with all the concept and designs from the game.  If you click the link above, Amazon give a nice preview.  They have it for sale July 2, 2013.

There is another book I want to talk about base on the game.  It is called The Last Of Us: American Dreams.  From what I can tell it is a novel that the story is based on Ellie growing up in this post pandemic world.  This one will not be out until November 2013.  This all so looks promising.  Going to keep my eye on it.  Just might end up buy this as well.

The Last Of Us

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TheLastOfUs.jpgHave put a bit of time into The Last of Us, so going to write an small update on what I think of the game so far.  First off have never playing a game like this before.  Sure it share gameplay elements we all have played many times.  It is the world and story that pull you in right from the start.  There have been many games and movies that have tell stories of a post apocalyptic world.  This one does it way better than most.   The pacing between the exploring and action is  very well done.  Exploring the beautiful world is my favourite part of the game.  There is so much to look at.  It is the most real looking environments.  It all so pays off to exploring because like a lot of games there is a light RPG elements.  You can improve our stats.  But all so find items you can craft things with.  Like weapons to take on the infected or health items.  You do get guns but being set in a post apocalyptic bullets are hard to come by.  That is were stealth and hand to hand combat come into play.  These are really well done.  The only complaint I have is while playing some of the encounters with the infected I would die.  Which is find but have to play the same encounter over and over again because you make a mistake is very annoying.   Example, in one spot you get trapped hanging upside down while the infected come running at you.  You have to use a gun.  That is all fine and cool to play.  The first few waves are easy to dispatch.  Then comes the last guy.  It takes may shots to take him down.  It is easy to mess up because you are upside down and swinging a bit  so it is very easy to miss.  Ended up playing that encounter about ten times.  So that pulls you right out of the world and becomes frustrating.  How ever over all I am enjoying this game very much.

The Last Of Us

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TheLastOfUs.jpgPick up a copy of The Last of Us today (June 14, 2013).  Haven been looking forward to playing this game for a long time now.  When I first heard about this game over a year ago.   Knew it would good because it was being made by Naught Dog.  They made the Uncharted games. Which I have and enjoyed very much.   Have not to read up on the game or watch any videos.  Didn’t want to have any spoilers.  Have been temped to watch some.

[Update]  Have played about one and half hours when I got home from work.  It is very awesome so far.  It is one of the best looking games out here.  It the controls are nice and smooth.  Then there is the story.  Have ever played any game that has ever started like this one.  It pulls you right in to the world.  The game shares some of the gameplay mechanics as Uncharted series but more refined.  For the little bit I have played think this game will be game of year.  There is multiplayer modes as well.  Will try those at some point in the future.  Well it is time to play some more.  Pretty sure I will be back taking about this game.

The Last Of Us – Extended Red Band Trailer

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TheLastOfUsIt has been a long time since I have talked about the upcoming game The Last of Us.  Was looking up when it will be out since I knew it got pushed back a while ago.  Turns out it will be out June 14, 2013.  While I was looking up that info came across the red band trailer.  This was put out a few weeks ago but didn’t see it until today.  Knew this game looks great but this new trailer makes it look awesome.  The people over at Naught Dog all ways do great things.  Think this will be there best work yet.  This game I think will be a day one buy.  Just take a look at the trailer > here or below.  Then you will see why this game will change how other games are made.