The Last Of Us Remastered

TheLastOfUsRemasteredIn June (2013) the awesome game The Last of Us was released.  Even since then there were rumours and people wishing the  game would be on the Playstation 4.   Well if you are one of the people, you get your wish.  The game we be called The Last Of Us Remastered.  You can read about it > here.  Being on the PS4 it will have a higher resolution.  It will come with the single player expansion, Left Behind.   As well as some of the multiplayer DLC.  One other cool thing is all the in game cinematics will have director’s commentary.  There is no release date yet but they are saying Summer 2014.  This is pretty cool if you have never played the game and own a PS4.  Can’t see myself getting a copy when I buy a PS4.  Well maybe if I can find it cheap later on down the road.

2 Responses to “The Last Of Us Remastered”

  1. Not a bad idea. Us PS4 owners don’t get many games, and I didn’t play this on the PS3.

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