The Last Of Us Review

TheLastOfUs.jpgBy far one of the best games every made, The Last of Us.  Have said it a few times all ready, have never playing anything this this before.  Sure some of the gameplay mechanics we all have done before.  But it is how it is done.  The way the story brings you into this brutal, but all so beautiful world.  The game as the best voice acting I have ever heard.  If they translated this word for word and shot for shot into a live action movie it would blow every one way.  Like I said the game pulls you in.  The quite moments so well done you want to see everything.  Look into every corner.  Then they mix in a well balanced action moments.  You will die a bit in this game.  But the automatic save system does a great job so you are not having to go back to far from were you died.  It is a very smart check point save system.

Hands down this is one of the best games every made.  It will hold up far a very long time.  It raises the bar to a new level.  Anyone with a PS3 needs to get this game.  There are no other game out there to compare this to.  Can’t wait to play though it again.  Once you finish the game you can replay with this plus mode.  Not 100% sure what it means.  But my guess is you keep the upgrades so you can full upgrade you guy and this gear.  Have not tried the multiplayer yet.  When I do will be back to talk about that.  Did buy the strategy guide for the game the other day.  Bought this because I want to find every thing there is in the game.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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