The Last Of Us

TheLastOfUs.jpgHave put a bit of time into The Last of Us, so going to write an small update on what I think of the game so far.  First off have never playing a game like this before.  Sure it share gameplay elements we all have played many times.  It is the world and story that pull you in right from the start.  There have been many games and movies that have tell stories of a post apocalyptic world.  This one does it way better than most.   The pacing between the exploring and action is  very well done.  Exploring the beautiful world is my favourite part of the game.  There is so much to look at.  It is the most real looking environments.  It all so pays off to exploring because like a lot of games there is a light RPG elements.  You can improve our stats.  But all so find items you can craft things with.  Like weapons to take on the infected or health items.  You do get guns but being set in a post apocalyptic bullets are hard to come by.  That is were stealth and hand to hand combat come into play.  These are really well done.  The only complaint I have is while playing some of the encounters with the infected I would die.  Which is find but have to play the same encounter over and over again because you make a mistake is very annoying.   Example, in one spot you get trapped hanging upside down while the infected come running at you.  You have to use a gun.  That is all fine and cool to play.  The first few waves are easy to dispatch.  Then comes the last guy.  It takes may shots to take him down.  It is easy to mess up because you are upside down and swinging a bit  so it is very easy to miss.  Ended up playing that encounter about ten times.  So that pulls you right out of the world and becomes frustrating.  How ever over all I am enjoying this game very much.

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