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Video Games: The Movie On YouTube

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Back in 2014 there was a documentary out called Video Games: The Movie.  At that time couldn’t wait to see it.  Then when I did, was disappointed.  They did interview a lot of people but never got any dipper than the surface layer.  Since then forgot all about it.  For the longest time you had to buy or rent it.  Well you don’t have to any more.  Since it is on their official of YouTube.  I might just watch it again.  If you want to check it out.  You can do so > here or below.

Video Games: The Movie Review

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VideoGamesTheMovie.jpgNow that Video Games: The Movie is out I got a change to see it.  A documentary about video games sound cool.  The trailer > here all so made it look cool.  How ever was a bit let down.  It was very well made with lots of interviews with big names.  The problem was they just skimmed over top of everything.  Not one segment went into much depth.  Not really sure who this documentary is for any more.  Just about everything they talk about most gamers all ready now.  Those who don’t play games are not going to be say lets check out this new video game documentary.

Over all it is well made with lots of good interviews.  It is just a bit flat and boring.  If you like video games do check it out.  Just be prepared to learn things you might all ready now.  Thing this documentary would have faired better if it was broken up in to episodes.  To give more time to go in depth on each aspect of the industry.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Video Games: The Movie Trailer

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VideoGamesTheMovie.jpgTalking about Video Games: The Movie again because there is a new trailer.  Which you can check out > here or below.  If this is the first time hearing about this movie.  It is a “documentary, aims to educate & entertain audiences about how video games are made, marketed, and consumed.”  It will be out in theaters and VOD July 15, 2014.  Am sure it will be only in select theaters.  This looks like it will be very good.  Going to have to check it out.

Grounded: The Making Of The Last Of Us

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grounded_making_the_last_of_usWas going though some old bookmarks I saved.  To reminded me to go back and check out certain things to watch.  Came across one for the video game documentary, Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us.  At first the documentary only could be watched by people who bought the season pass for the game.  But back February (2014) PlayStation published it on their YouTube channel so every one can watch it.   So that’s what I did today.  There is a bit of a warring at the beginning say you would finish the game before watching.  That is because there are some spoilers in the documentary.

This was a very well made documentary.  It covers just about every thing from start to finish on how the game came to be to days before it was to done.  It flows nicely from one aspect to the next.  They talk about how the idea of the game, to the actors, the artists and programmers.  It was very interesting.  The Last of Us is one the best video games every made.  This documentary is a must watch for any video game fan.  Even if you have no interest in playing the game.  You will still learn all the work that goes into making one.  You can check it out > here or below.

Video Games: The Movie

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VideoGamesTheMovieThere has been may documentaries about video games.  Some of them were not that great.  There is a new one coming out called Video Games: The Movie.  According to their IMDb page it is set to come out July 15, 2014.  Am sure pretty sure it will be on DVD/Blu-ray some time after that.  What makes this one different they interview people that makes the games but all so some famous people who are gamers.  Will be keeping my eye on this because I really want to see it.  You can check out the trailer > here or below.