The Last Of Us

TheLastOfUs.jpgPick up a copy of The Last of Us today (June 14, 2013).  Haven been looking forward to playing this game for a long time now.  When I first heard about this game over a year ago.   Knew it would good because it was being made by Naught Dog.  They made the Uncharted games. Which I have and enjoyed very much.   Have not to read up on the game or watch any videos.  Didn’t want to have any spoilers.  Have been temped to watch some.

[Update]  Have played about one and half hours when I got home from work.  It is very awesome so far.  It is one of the best looking games out here.  It the controls are nice and smooth.  Then there is the story.  Have ever played any game that has ever started like this one.  It pulls you right in to the world.  The game shares some of the gameplay mechanics as Uncharted series but more refined.  For the little bit I have played think this game will be game of year.  There is multiplayer modes as well.  Will try those at some point in the future.  Well it is time to play some more.  Pretty sure I will be back taking about this game.

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