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Fear The Walking Dead: Trailer

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngNot long after new trailer for  The Walking Dead for season six was put out > here.  AMC put out the trailer for Fear The Walking Dead.  Oh man it looks much better than I thought it would.  The story talks place just as the outbreak starts and is set in Los Angeles.  It will start airing August 23, 2015.  I know I will be watching.  Check out the trailer > here or below.

Fear The Walking Dead: Promo

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngThere is a very shot video promo out for Fear The Walking Dead.   It shows a guy, who is named Nick, looking scared running from a building.  The big info from this promo is that the show will premiere in August 2015.  Was hoping it would be in July.  It will have a run of six episodes.  So I am guess it will be later in August because it would run though September right up until the premiere of season six of The Walking Dead in October.  Well that is my guess.  You can see the promo > here or below.

Fear The Walking Dead: Teaser Trailer

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngA few posts back talked again about the companion series to The Walking Dead.  Which is called Fear The Walking Dead.  They air a very small teaser trailer during the season finale of season five.   It has a voice over the radio talking about some kind of flu going around.  While shows part of Los Angeles.  So I am guess this show will start up at the very begin of the out break.  Am sure there will be all kinds of new info on the show as well get closer to the summer.  In the mean time check out the teaser trailer > here or below.