PhotogrammetryHave printed off a few things with my Elegoo Mars 3D printer.  There are all kinds of cool files you can download.  That’s all fine.  But wanted to make my own.  Have played around with Tinkercad.  Then got thinking there has to be way to scan real world objects to turn them in to a 3D file.  Looked into that.  There are all kinds of scanners you can buy but they cost way to much.  Then found out about photogrammetry.  Basically it is a software that you load pictures into that turns them into to a 3D.  The trick is you need to take lots of pictures at many different angles.  When the weather gets nice going to try this my motorcycle.  In the mean time got things why not try this with a video game.  Have been playing No Man’s Sky a lot.  The ship I have is pretty cool.  The game goes have a photo mode.  Got thinking this would be awesome to print off.  My next day off going to give it a try.  There is some free software out there with I will try first.  It is called Meshroom.

[Update]  Tried this out with No Man’s Sky and it didn’t work.  The software doesn’t work this just regular .jpg’s.  It needs to have the metadata from the camera as well.

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