Neewer Stabilizer

The Neewer Handheld Stabilizer I ordered showed up at my door this past Friday (June 29, 2018).  In the box you get the stabilizer with the weights attached, a carrying bag and instruction manual.  The one I bought has a carbon fiber main shaft.  Have let to try it out.  Plan to on my next day off.  Have watched a bunch of videos on YouTube on how to balance it.  Am sure it will take lot of practices to the the results I am looking for.  They even say something about in the manual, “Warmly Reminder.  The use of stabilizer is a technical activity.  It needs some times to practice and master. So pls don’t be discouraged when just find your shooting effect is not very good.  In order to achieve the desired shooting, you need to go through a variety of physical coordination to adjust the balance.”  Not sure who wrote that but it sounds like thing you would read off bad website. Will be make with another post when I get to try it out.

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