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Neewer Carbon Fiber Handheld Stabilizer Test

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Had some time off so got around to try out the Neewer Handheld Stabilizer.  This is the second one of bought off (The one I got > here).  The first one was missing a piece.  Watched a bunch of videos on YouTube on had to balance these type of things.  There are many makes and modes but they all pretty much work the same.  Spent about an hour dialing it in.  Don’t get it just right but not bad.  With time it will get easier and faster.  Will so take lots of practice to use just right.  Made a quick video on trying out for the first time.  You can see that > here or below.  Like every thing,  practice, practice and more practice.

Neewer Handheld Stabilizer

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The second Neewer Handheld Stabilizer I ordered show up at my door a few days back.   I opened it right way to see if all the parts were there.  This time around everything was packed and wrapped nicely.  All the parts are there.  On my day off plan to set it up.  Have a few videos from YouTube booked marked on how to balance this type of stabilizers.  From what I have watched it can take a long time to dial it in just right.  Like with anything it will take practice to use.  Do have one project in mind I want if for.

Neewer Stabilizer Another Update

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Back in June (2018) ordered a Neewer Handheld Stabilizer off of  It was a birthday gift to myself.  When I opened it found out there was a piece missing.  Which was a very important one.  It was the part that attaches to the camera.  Which in turns attaches to the stabilizer.  So had to sent it back.  That was easy to do.  Just took awhile to the money to get credited back on to my credit card.

Got the money back now.  So ordered another one.  Should be here some time next week.  Will open it right way to make sure it is all there.  Have some vacation time coming up.  Plan to try it out then.

Neewer Stabilizer Update

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Have made a few post about the Neewer Handheld Stabilizer. Ordered off of  It was one with a carbon fiber main shaft.  In my last post talked about about how on my day off will give it a try.  Well I did try and use it.  When I took it out off the box and gave it a look over.  Turns out it was missing a piece.  The shoe plate was not there.  This is the part the attaches to your camera.

Never had any problems buying off of  When back on to the site to see how you return an item.  Must say it is pretty easy.  You go back to the list of stuff you ordered.  There is a button to press called return.  Then they ask you from a drop down menu why you are returning it.  Once that done they give you options on ways to ship it back.  You choose one.  Then the give you instructions on how to pack the box up along with the shipping labels they send you.  Once they get the package back they will refund the money back on to my credit card with in seven days.  Plan to buy another one once this one is back in there hands.

Neewer Stabilizer

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The Neewer Handheld Stabilizer I ordered showed up at my door this past Friday (June 29, 2018).  In the box you get the stabilizer with the weights attached, a carrying bag and instruction manual.  The one I bought has a carbon fiber main shaft.  Have let to try it out.  Plan to on my next day off.  Have watched a bunch of videos on YouTube on how to balance it.  Am sure it will take lot of practices to the the results I am looking for.  They even say something about in the manual, “Warmly Reminder.  The use of stabilizer is a technical activity.  It needs some times to practice and master. So pls don’t be discouraged when just find your shooting effect is not very good.  In order to achieve the desired shooting, you need to go through a variety of physical coordination to adjust the balance.”  Not sure who wrote that but it sounds like thing you would read off bad website. Will be make with another post when I get to try it out.

Neewer Stabilizer

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Back in April (2018) talked about camera stabilizers.  One I was looking at by Neewer, which I think is called Neewer Handheld Stabilizer. has them going for about $100.00.  Well I have a birthday coming up soon.  So decided to buy one for myself.   I like working on videos.  While I haven’t made one in a very long time.  Want to get back into it.  It is just hard to think of something to film by myself.  Have do interest of being in front of the camera.  Think with this stabilize doing nature videos.  Will be back with other posts when I get my hands on it.

Neewer Stabilizer

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Neewer_Stabilizer_24Now that the weather is slowly getting nicer.  Have been looking more into camera stabilizers. The more I look into them there is lots and lots to choose from.  The high-end from Glidecam are pretty sweet.  But they are more for the pros.  Need one that is more in my price range that will do something similar to it.  Back in November looked at one for the online site  Which was pretty nice.

Now have found a different one to look at.  It is from the company Neewer.  Don’t seen an official project name.  So I am going to call it Neewer Handheld Stabilizer.  This one says it aluminium alloy.  However the one I see on > here says it’s carbon fiber.  They most likely two different models.  As I am typing (April 15, 2018) this Amazon is asking ($99.99).  That is more in my price range.  Will look more into it.  This might be the one I go with.

Camera Stabilizer For DSLR

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YELANGU_S700Back in the summer (2017) I ordered a GPD XD from the website  The prices was right and the shipping was fast.  This past week was looking around the site again and seen a nice looking camera stabilizer.   It is called the YELANGU S700.  It looks very much like the high-end Glidecam.  For years I have wanted on of those but the are a lot of money.  Hundreds to thousands of dollars.   They are more designed for the semi-pro to professional.  Not sure how well this one is.  Will look into it more.  It is much more in my price range.

After The Storm

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A few days ago I posted some pictures of the big snow storm we had here November 23/24 of 2011.  Well I all so took some video as well.  Using my GoPro HD Hero 960 sitting on top of my Lensse MidX camera stabilizer.  It still blows me away how the GoPro can turn out such a clear video and be so small.  When I am editing and footage from the GoPro it doesn’t look that good in the editing program.  That is because of compression and what not.  When I out put the final project it is shocking to see how good it looks.  Like some past videos I have uploaded it to Vimeo and YouTube.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lensse MidX Camera Stabilizer Test

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A few days ago I got my Lensse MidX camera stabilizer.  Well this past weekend got a good changes to try it out.  Took some time to get it balanced right.  Since my camera is really light.  After watching some setup videos on a similar product.  Figured out I was using too much weight.  Turns out didn’t need to add any weight.  Still need some more practice using it.  Take a look at the video below.  You can see that it does make a difference.  Very happy with with it.  Recommend highly.

Vodpod videos no longer available.