The Dark Knight Rises Review

Went saw The Dark Knight Rises yesterday afternoon.  I like going to matinees.  There are all ways less people and getting out and and the sun is still out is nice.  Any who back to the movie.  I really like it.  Just like how the first two were different but some how the same.  This one has the same feel but is like a standalone movie at the same time.  They play tribute to the first two will some flash backs and some jokes which were nice.

All the actors did an awesome job.  Bane was great.  Was glad they did use the comic book type Bane that juice up to be come unstoppable.  When I first heard that Anne Hathaway was going to play catwoman, wasn’t too sure about that. But I was proven wrong.  She was the best  Selina Kyle “catwoman” ever.  Wouldn’t mind seeing her is a spin off.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt character was a nice touch as well.  He gets a nice twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.

Over all loved this movie.  Can’t wait to see it again and watch it on Blu-ray.  The only thing I didn’t like, like a lot of movies do is.  Its hard to make out they are saying in some scenes.   Go see this movie well worth every penny.

5 out 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

One Response to “The Dark Knight Rises Review”

  1. Nice review.

    Chris Nolan ended his trilogy in style. Chris Bale was phenomenal as Bruce Wayne and Anne was great as Selina as well.


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