Haywire Review

Haywire Was debating weather or not to watch Haywire.  Some were saying it wasn’t every good.  While it wasn’t great, it did some things I have not seen in may action movies.  First off the fights are great.  Unlike a lot of action movies there is not shaking camera with fast cuts.  The fights were brutal.  Seemed all most real.  Another thing was they let some of the scenes play out with any words.  How ever not all things are great, the story is silly.  It was confusing at the beginning then wraps itself up very fast at the end.  Oh there was one very silly thing that happens during the car chase that was just plan bad.

Not as bad as some people are saying.  Like most movies you have to suspend disbelief with some stuff.  Not a bad rent.  Will not blow you way but there are two every brutal fight scenes that make the whole movie worth it.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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