DiRT Showdown Demo

The demo for DiRT Showdown is now out.  First off it feels like a DiRT game but different as well.  They all ways have the coolest menu systems.  You start the demo with one race and one car (Once you challenge a friend you unlock a few more).  The race is the figure eight type.  Once you finish the race they want you to send a online challenge to an online friend to unlock multiplayer.  In the multiplayer you get to pick from four cars and enter a demo derby.  It was kind of fun.  The cars handle great.  Will need some practice if I want to get any good at the online demo derby.  From what I seen you can upgrade your cars.  All so level up just like the last game.  Do believe you will level up on and off line.

Another cool think is if you sign up for Codemasters Racenet you will get $20,000 of in game money and a new livery.  Just might do this.

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