The Elder Scrolls Online Teaser Trailer

ElderScrollsOnline So the rumours are true.  There is going to an Elder Scrolls Online game.  The tease trailer (below) was put out today (May 4, 2012).  Much like then Skyrim was first announced, the teaser trailer doesn’t show very much.  From the article.  The massively multiplayer open world RPG will take place 1,000 years before the story in Skyrim takes place.  They say the game will be out in 2013.  Have tired a few MMO’s over the years.  Could never stick with any of them.  How ever if this one plays like Skryim, I would be all over it.  As long as my computer could run it.  Another think is with this games there are all ways a monthly fee.  Not a fan of that.  Will wait and see that kind of info the put out over the next few months.  E3 is coming up in June may be will we see something here.

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