Minisforum UM580 – Delay And Shipping

Have made a few post talking about the mini PC I ordered a, Minisforum UM580.  When I pre-ordered it the shipping date was for the end of September 2022.  When the last week of came around I looked everyday to see if it had shipped yet.  Then on October 9, 2022 looked that the website again and seen that the changed the time frame to the middle of October.  Was a big bummed out since I was hopping it would show up before my next vacation started.  But this stuff happens.  However the next day received and email saying it has shipped.  Not sure how long that will take.  Because in the email said, “ Express will not pick up the package until the export customs inspection is completed. Therefore, the shipping status will be stuck in “Shipping label has been created” or “Shipment information received”for several days.”.

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