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New World Level 60

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A few nights ago made it to level 60 in New World.   This is the level cap in the game however like others this is when you start to go after better gear score and stuff.  Put in about over 90 hours and still haven’t been to all the parts of the map yet.  Taking my time doing the side missions in each section.  There is still lots to do so don’t think I will stop playing this any time soon.

New World Again

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Am still playing and having fun with New World.   Have put in about 80 hours and am at level 55 (as of typing this Jan 1, 2023).  After all this time still haven’t seen to all the places on the map.  What I like to do in petty much every open world game is, play the side quests first then move to the main story ones.  Thinking at this rate will reach max level before I finish the main story.  There is so much to do in this game it can be played forever. Well that is the main hook of an MMO.  This happens to be the only one I every stuck with.

New World More Hours

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Talking about New World once again.  Have put in a little over 50 hours an am at level 45.  After all that have only really explored about four sections of the map.   There is all so still tons of story and side missions to do.  As am typing this (December 10, 2022) they are running a winter/Christmas themed event in the game.  It is kinds of cool.  Each town as a big tree which you can get one gift each day.  There is stuff going on with this event as well, which I haven’t tired yet.

[Update] Since typing this up many days ago.  Have now played a bit over 60 hours and am at level 47.

New World Again

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Talking about New World once again.  As I am typing this (December 2, 2022).  Have put in about 43 hours and am at level 40.   60 is the level cap.  So I am thinking I will reach that long before I even finish all the missions.  Have been playing this like a single player game.  In all that time played only had one person send me a message asking to join their group.   Turned that down but may be at some point I will join one.   If you have a computer that can run this game, it is well worth the money.

New World Hours Played

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Talking about New World again.  A few posts back talked about how I have started using a controller with the game.  This makes is so much easier to move around.  While using the keyboard and mouse is fine.  Just found it got uncomfortable after awhile.  Can play much longer with the controller.  Still need to use the keyboard and mouse to do some things like the menus and map.  The main movement, combat and interacting  with the controller.  As I am typing this (November 22, 2022) have put in about 30 hours and there is still so much more to do and see.

New World With A Controller

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Have been playing New World for a few weeks now with about 25 hours in.  While the games doesn’t support controllers official yet.  Have read at some point it will.  However since the game is on Steam you can use a controller.  Seen some videos tutorials on how to set it up.  That look easy enough to do.   Wanted to see what if I just plug in a controller, what happens.  It kind of works right way.  You and move and look no problem.  Using your weapons/skills work as well.  However navigating the menus and inventory you still need to use the keyboard.  Am sure if I go back to re-watch the setup video it would show what to do.   Am hoping official controller support does come soon.  Find the game more enjoyable with the controller.

Borderlands 3 Over LAN

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It has been awhile since I have played Borderlands 3.  Have had it for my PS4 for a long time.  Back in May (2022) over that the Epic Game Store it was one of the free games.  Now that I have a mini PC, Minisforum UM580, I installed it on that.  A few nights ago gave it a try.  I must say it worked great right away.  It was well optimized.  All so that night got to play it over a LAN connection.  This all so work with no problem.  Another awesome thing the game works with a PS4 controller and didn’t have to set anything up.  Can’t wait to try it again over a LAN.  Many be get to work with four players.

PS2 Emulation

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How that I have my mini PC set up, Minisforum UM580.  Wanted to give some PlayStation 2 emulation another try with PCSX2 emulator.   This time with what they call Nightly Builds.  This is more like a beta or new version that has features not in the stable release.  Once installed it looks much better and it a lot easier to uses.  It all so configured my PS4 controller.  Only tired one game so far.  It can great.  Now I just need to start ripping some of my other PS2 favourites to try.

New World – Hands On

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As of typing this (October 31, 2022) have had my mini PC a, Minisforum UM580, for about five days.  The first game I really wanted to try was New World.   Bought a copy for half price back in September.  Once I had the computer all set up and the game installed.  Started it up and it crashed.  Tired again.  A window popped up saying, computer doesn’t meet the system requirements.  However the game loaded in behind it.  Have since played about seven hours.  Every time they same popup happens but the game runs fine.  Am enjoying it so far.  Still getting used to playing with keyboard and mouse.  Just taking my time with it.  Staying way from videos on YouTube.  All they seem to care about is leveling fast and showing off all the gear/items the have.

Minisforum UM580 – Arrived

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After a bit of a delay and having to pay some duty/tax the Minisforum UM580 I ordered arrived yesterday (October 27, 2022).  First up I had to rearrange my desk a bit.  The USB C power cord for it is very short.  Ended up moving the power strip up onto the desk.  Next needed to setup the KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse).  The problem now is how to a cable manage the wires.  Will leave that for another day.   Once I got everything plug in, started the computer up.  The first thing was to make a recovery USB stick.  This took a long time.  After that update Windows, turned off all the stuff I don’t need and uninstalled some things.  There wasn’t any really bloat on there.  After customizing the look a Windows 11, downloaded Steam.  Installed Dinkum to the M.2 drive.  Next up attached the external hard drive.  This is were I will install all the big games, like New World.  That is what I installed next.

Have been very much looking forward to trying this game out.  Load the game up and it crashed.  Saying it the computer doesn’t meet the system requirements.  Tied again, the same warring came up but the game loaded any way.  It didn’t look very good.  Was running at 720p at an uncapped frame rate.  Change that to 1080 and set the frame rate to 30.  Then it looked much better.  Once I got into some gameplay, it ran great.  All the other setting are at low.  Might try some of them at medium.