Soldier Of Fortune Game

Soldier_Of_Fortune_PS2Back in the year 2000 a friend showed me a demo for the PC game Soldier of Fortune.  This is a awesome FPS.  The big hook with this one was, the bad guy, could be dismembered.  At the time was pretty crazy that a could could do.  After seeing the demo.  Went and got a copy for my Windows 98SE computer.  Kind of forgot all about this game until the other night.  A friend was running some PS2 emulation on this PC.  Had know idea that this game was on the PS2.  If I had back in the day would have bought it.

With emulation it cam be upscaled on the PC.  I must say the game looked great.  But the biggest surprise was it played just like the PC version from what I can remember.  It even had a bunch of settings you can adjust.  Was super impressed with it.  Know I kind of want to play this game again.  Sill have my original disc.  However you can buy it on for about $9.00.

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