Reality Capture Hands On

Photogrammetry.jpgA few posts back talked about the photogrammetry program, Reality Capture.  I gave it a try.  My goal with is to take video game things and turn it into 3D printable item.  Have had a bit of success with other programs.  But they are limited to how many pictures/video you can use.  This one however is the full program.  The drawn back is when you want to export you need to pay with what they called PPI (Pay-Per-Input) Credits.  The bigger the project the more credits you will need.

My goal is to turn one of my ships I use in No Man’s Sky into a 3D model. This program lets you import video.  So re-edited so footage I had.  I must say the results turned out the best yet.  As you can see in the picture below. There are only a few small holes in the wings.  So decided to see how many credits it would cost to export, about 117.  You can buy 3500 for about $13.00 Canadian.  The new plan to is get better at this software and make a bunch of models.  Then buy the credits.  Will be back with more updates in the future.


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