USB Thumb Stick Troubleshooting

A few posts back talk about there is a new version of AutoBleem out that I wanted to try.  Right now have the 0.6 (something) .  This new ones is 0.8(something).  It is pretty easy to update.  Just need to drag and drop the new files over to the USB stick and replace the files.   Didn’t really want to do this since I have other sticks.  The one I did try and use only showed it have 700 MBS free of 32GB.  But when I went to format it still read the same amount.  Then remember I used it to make a Linux boot drive with it.   So looked into a way to fix that.  There is a bunch of programs you can download. However there is an easier and faster way using Command Prompt.  Here is the tutorial I used > here.  Just scroll down until you see the Command Prompt how to part.  There are six simple commands to put in.  You don’t even have to type them.  Just copy and paste.  Just make sure are formatting the right disk or you can mess you computer up.

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