Grand Theft Auto Online: The High Life Update

GTAOnline.jpgThis coming Tuesday which is May 13, 2014 is when Grand Theft Auto Online next update will happen.  It is called the High Life Update.  This one will be able to own two apartments with garages at the same time.  They are adding five new properties.  Some other stuff they are adding, three new high-end cars and a motorcycle.   Which you can use in story mode as well.  There is a new weapon called Bullpup Rifle.  Of course there will be new Jobs as well new wardrobe to buy.  However the best option they are adding is the “Non Contact” to the races.  When turned on other players can’t hit you with their car.  You will still crash into the world.  Think this is pretty sweet.  Since a lot of races I have played has people being jerks that just crash into because they are losing the race or only can win if they make you crash.  You can read all about the new stuff > here.

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