The Raid: Redemption Review

TheRaidRedemption Got around to watching The Raid: Redemption today.  Have wanted to see this movie ever since I see the trailer.  It looked like a cool action movie.  And boy is it ever.  This is an all out action movie. There is very little in the way of a story.  They just get rate to the over the top action.  Have never seen a movie like this one before.  I say that because they do not hide the fight scenes with fast camera moves or other tricks.  Each fight scenes flows perfectly even when the camera does move.  They all so chose some great music that fits the tension of each scene.

This has to be the best action movie of the year.  Have never seen any thing just like it before.  Some might not like it because it is very brutal with the violence.  But if you are looking for an awesome action movie with little story line to bog it down you can’t go wrong.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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