Faster Review

Faster Was watching Wwe’s Raw last night.  Have not seen that show in a very long time.  “The Rock”,  Dwayne Johnson comes on doing his thing.  During the next break they showed the trailer for Faster.  Which is out on DVD today (Mar 1, 2011).  Forgot all about his movie.  It looked some what interesting so I check it out.  At first I was thinking it will be you run of the mill action revenge movie.  Thankful it is not.  It does do some thinks differently which is refreshing.  There are some “twist” but I know who the “bad guy” was all along.  Some one might be surprised but it is pretty easy to figure out.

Not a bad movie.  It is switch up the revenge formula a little bit.  You can still see the twists coming.  However there are much worst choices out there.  It is worth a rent.  Might not blow you away but may be entertain you.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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