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Posted in Just something to say, Pictures with tags , , , , on May 23, 2010 by getbent57

MainStreamWrestling Went to MainStream Wrestling show last night (May 22, 2010).  It was part of their 10th anniversary tour.  They did a good job for an independent show.  The wresters did a great job playing to the small but loud crowed.  Had a good time.  Well worth the money.

The first match was “The Reall” JJB vs (forget his name) but he was dressed as a crab.  He he came out yell and doing this crab dance it was just too funny.   He put on a good show.

Next match was (I think was called the Natural) vs Rip Impact.  The Natural guy was great as the bad guy.

The third match was Turcan Celik vs Jason Rumble “The Boston Bad Boy”.  This match had the funniest moment of the show.   The bad guy Turcan was tell the crowed how great he was.  The place was dead silent, one guy stands up and yells, “You suck.”  The wrester had to turn away and cover his face.  He started to crack up.

Match four was Josef Von Schmidt vs Bee Machine.  Josef is the bad guy.  He is a nazi spoof. He came out dressed in a long black trench coat, German army hat and a monocle.  Too funny.  The Bee Machine ran around the ring.  As he slapped your hand he would buzz.

Now the main event.  The Mauler vs 7” tall Grimez in a casket match for the belt.  It had a funny moment too.  The Mauler rolled Grimez into the casket and tried to close the lid.  How ever his head was sticking out.  So he pushed his head in then his feet would stick out.  They did a great job playing that up.