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WrestleMania 27 Tonight

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WrestleMania27 Tonight WrestleMania 27 is going to be on PPV.  Look forward to watching this every year.  Hoping this one better than the last few.  The matches lined up look good.  With the Rock hosting and Steve Austin being a guest referee there sound be some funny/great moments.  Not sure how the Snooki in a match is going to turn out.  However Trish Stratus is going to be in the same match so she will make it worth watching.  I am pretty sure I will have a review up at some point.

WrestleMania 26

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WrestleMania26 Just getting around to reviewing WrestleMania 26 it aired March 28, 2010.  For being the biggest show of the year for wrestling it was not very good.  The presentation and stage were really great.  The big let down was most of the matches were crap.

The opening tag match was ok the standard fair.

Next was the triple threat that was a standard and a bit boring.

Now for the money in the back ladder match.  I like watching these because they do some pretty crazy stuff.  Well it was bit of a let down.  There was some cool stuff but way too many guys involved.

Up next is Triple H vs. Sheamus.  Nothing that special here.  Triple H did his same old same old moves.

Now it is Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk.  This was a bit lame as well.  Rey had the worst ring entrance of the whole show.  His music played, he wasn’t here the cameras go back and forth.  I was thing some thing cool was going to happen.  Nope.   The camera moves back and there he is.

Next is the match I was waiting for Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon.  I knew Bret was going to win.  The match was very disappointing.  You can see Bret having a hard time moving around and get tired.  Well that is understandable.  The best part is that Bret hit Vince a million times with a chair.

Now it is Chris Jericho vs. Edge for the belt.  This was a good match.  It had the old school back and forth.  All so add the best end.  Edge speared Jericho off the announces tables into the barricade.

The ladies are up next in a 10 diva tag match.  Oh may this was really lame.  Not only was the match short they fucked up all their moves.

John Cena vs. Batista for the belt.  At this point I was really bored. So I didn’t really pay attention.

Now its the main event.  Undertakers streak vs. Shawn Michaels career.  This was the best match of the show.  No one wrestles like Shawn and the The Undertaker is all ways cool.  I knew Shawn was going to loose because there is now way Undertaker was going to give up the streak to some one who has been around for so long.  He is going to loose at some point to an up and comer.

That is it the show is over.  Shawn Michaels waves and thanks the fans.  Wakes off the stage.  Wow over all it was not that great at all.  For all the build up it sucked.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Wrestlemania 25 Review

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wrestlemania25Finley got around to finish watching Wrestlemania 25.  Being about fours hours long it has to be the longest PPV I have watched.  The show started off good, it was fun then it started to drag.

The Money in the back ladder match was every entertaining.  It was very staged but that kind of match has to be some what.

Next was the Kid Rock concert.  What was a bit boring.  Has he was finishing the last song the divas came out to start there 25 battle royal.  That was chaos.  But was funny in the end when Santino dressed as a women called Santina won.

The Handicap match with Chris Jericho fighting Piper, Steamboat and Snuka was better than I thought it would have been.  Piper did his famous poke the the eyes.  Snuka look every out of shape.  I was shocked at Steamboat it gave Jericho a run for is money.   The worst part was with Mickey Rourke.  He took forever to get to the ring.  He danced around a little.  Then punched Jericho out.  Could see it coming, it was a bit lame.

The Hardy’s match wasn’t too bad.  They did there staple of “extreme” moves.

Rey Mysterio and Bradshaw match was very funny.  Rey came out dress as the Joke after Bradshaw rambled on how it was going to give a great show.  Then Rey won the belt in seconds.

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels match was the best.  They went all out.  It was a real wrestling match with all the big moves and the back and forth that makes these types of matches fun.  This was the high light of Wrestlemania.

The Triple Threat match with Cena, Edge and the Big Show was boring.  The only good part was when Cena picked up both Big Show and Edge.

The last match was the worst.  For the main event it was boring as hell.  Nothing cool or funny happed.

Over all it was a good PPV.  If you cut out the boring stuff it would have been a lot better.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Wrestlemania 25

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wrestlemania25Wrestlemania 25 airs tonight (April 5, 2009).  It should be a good one.  I won’t get a change to watch it live, but oh well.  I guess I will have to “find” some other to see.

Legends Of Wrestlemania

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Legends Of Wrestlemania Tried the new wrestling game Legends of Wrestlemania last night.  I can’t do a full review because I only played and watched it being played for a few hours.  It is not a bad game but not great either.  The presentation I think is the best part of the game.  They show old videos of the matches you are going to playing.  When the wresters come down to the ring they use the the same style of TV fonts used back when ever time period the match to place.  Which is cool.  The wrester themselves look way over the top.  Their face look right but the rest of them are over exaggerated.  There all so seems to be lots of glitches.  I think this game is more of a rent than own.