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Wreckfest – PlayStation 5 Trailer

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Wreckfest.jpgAm a big fan of Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last.  Have owned a copy for my PS4 since 2019.  Found out there is an improved version of the game coming the PlayStation 5.  Which will be part of the the May (2021) PlayStation Plus members games line up.  While I don’t own a PS5 yet.  However you can still add it to your library by logging into the PlayStation Store though the website.  If you are not a Plus member and own a PS4 copy you can upgrade for $10.00 US.  A few days back the put out a trailer with all the new features coming to this version of the game.  Which you can see > here or below.

PlayStation Plus May 2021 Game’s Line-up

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PlaystationPlus.jpgThe list of free games for PlayStation Plus members for May 2021.  Looks like another great month.  With more AAA games.  Like the last few times.  There will be two for PS4 and one for the PS5.  The for for PS5 is Wreckfest.  Have it on the PS4 but will be adding it to my library any way.  At some point will be getting a PlayStation 5.   You can read the official blog post > here.  Then start downloading May 4, 2021


Battlefield V

Stranded Deep


Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last

Wreckfest Money & XP Trick

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In this weeks video for the YouTube Channel, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, decided to try an make a tips and tricks for Wreckfest.  When I tired out a copy on a friends PS4. I just had to get it for myself.  Wanted to make some quick money and XP.  Looked at some tips on YouTube.  There are some great videos. Then decided I should make my own. Something quick and simple. If you have other tips and tricks leave them in the comments. You can see it  > here or below.



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Wreckfest My Copy

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A few post back talked about ordering a copy of Wreckfest from  Well it came in the mail within two days.  That was very fast shipping and I don’t even have Prime.  Am very much liking the game so far.  Started off with the career mode.  Managed to win most of the races. While have some trouble with some.  A good thing about the game is you don’t have to win each section to move on too another one.  You just need enough points over all.  At this time have only two cars.  Took a look at customizing them.  At first it didn’t look like there are many options.  When there it’s for the liveries.  However the paint options are awesome.  There are five colours you can change to make your cars standout.

Wreckfest Ordered A Copy

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Yes, talking about Wreckfest again.  This time because I got around to ordering a copy of  When I went to order it has a nice surprise they put the price back down to $40.00.  Before it was out they had it for pre-order for that price.  Don’t like to pre-order games.  So I waited.  When the game came out they price went up to $55.00.  Which is not bad for such a great game.  However I am happy a waited an extra week before checking again.  The game should be here sometime this week.

Wreckfest PS4

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A few months back got to try Wreckfest on PC.  Then a week or so ago go try the PS4 versions.  Sure the PC version can look better but I am a console gamer.  Have been wait to try it out.  Now that I have need to get myself a copy.  It has been a long time since there has be a game like its on consoles.  Most car/racing games are either open word arcade or simulation.  They both can be fun.  However a game were you can smash apart cars in many different modes and types is something special.  Plan to order myself a copy very soon.


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The PS4 version of Wreckfest is all most here.  Have been watching and reading about this game for years.  Back in the winter got to try out the PC version and like what I seen and played.  Since then have been wait for a version to come to the PlayStation 4.  In July (2019) learned it would be out August 27.   Am very tempted to get a copy.  Seen that listed for $40.00 > here.  If I can find it at a local store first at the same price will get there.  If not Amazon it will be.  The game will be out August 27, 2019.

Wreckfest Releases Date For PS4

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Have had my eye on Wreckfest for many years now.  Back in the winter got to try it out the PC version and liked it a lot.  Knew for awhile now it was come to the consoles.  Just didn’t know when it would be.  Well until now.  They put out a new trailer and announced the game will be out August 27, 2019.  You can see that trailer > here or below.  Will be getting my hands a copy for sure.


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WreckfestGot to try out the racing game Wreckfest on PC a few days back.  This has have been in early access form for many years.  Then official released in June 2018.  The people making the game have a long history of making racing games with destruction a big part of them.  This one has a crazy amount of destruction.  Very impressive.  All so impressed with the handling of the few cars I got to try.  The game is said to be out on Xbox One and PS4 some time this year (2019). has it listed for March 31, 2019.  Will have to keep my eye on it.  Will have to get a copy.  Very fun game.