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HBO’s Watchmen Free Weekend

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Have wanted to see HBO’s Watchmen TV series ever since I first hear about it.  The Blu-ray of the series was on on June 2, 2020.  Was thinking about buying it.  But just learned that starting yesterday (June 19, 2020) the HBO was letting anyone watch the full season without a account.  Thinking that’s pretty awesome.  Then got thinking it must be only for the States.  Was wrong there because watched the first episode.  Went to found the show listing.  Click on episode one.  It asked for an email, birth date and it played.  Enjoyed the first episode a lot.  So now I have to binge watch the other eight episodes.  Since the free weekend ends some time on the 21.

HBO’s Watchmen Blu-ray

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HBO_Watchmen_Blu-rayHBO’s Watchmen TV series ended back in December (2019).  Have wanted to see ever since I first heard about it.  Got thinking it must be coming to disc soon.  Which it is, with a title of Watchmen: An HBO Limited Series.  The release date of June 2, 2020.  Haven’t seen it on yet. So not sure how much it will cost.  Thinking it will be around the same as the Game of Thornes boxsets.  An a big fan of the graphic novel and movie.  Looking forward to checking out this show.