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Watch Dogs Legion

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Watch_Dogs_LegionWhile watching Ubisofts E3 press conference  yesterday (June 10, 2019) they showed of Watch Dogs Legion.  Own and finished the other two games in this series.  They are good game and recommend them.   This new one looks to top them in every way and them some.  This time around it takes place in London in the near future.  The big twist is you can play every single character in the open world.  The idea is you recruit others to your team.  The do this because there is permadeath in the game.  Have never seen this feature in an open world game.  It all looks and sounds awesome.  You can see for yourself from the E3 video > here or below.  The game is set to be out March 6, 2020.

Watch Dogs 2 Review

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Watch_Dogs_2.jpgFinished all the main and the side mission in Watch Dogs 2.  Just of some extra stuff to do.  So think its time for a review.  Over all had lots of fun with this game.  It is leagues ahead of the first game.  It plays better and looks better.  The story is really good as well.  More light hearted.  All the characters a lot more enjoy able to listen too.  You can tell the game makers listened to what the players had to say.  The only thing  I didn’t really like was.  They did improve the motorcycle handling but not enough.

Had a blast playing this game.  The hacking puzzles worked like they did in the first game.  But they were much easier to figure out but still challenging .  Which is a good thing.  Only had to look up help once.  Did not try the online modes.  so can’t talk about them . This game didn’t seem to get a lot of buzz.  I think it is well worth your time and money.

5 out of 5 GT = (Good Times)

Watch Dogs 2

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Watch_Dogs_2.jpgTalking about Watch Dogs 2 again.  Have put some hours into to the game now.  Am enjoying it  a lot.  Like I said in my last posting taking about the game.  It is much better than the first one.  The world is more fun to run around in.  The biggest change is there is more stuff to “hack”/interact with.  One of my favourite things is.  You can take over NPC’s cars.  You can get it go forward, backwards, left or right really fast.  So say there is a police car following you can stop them in there tracks by telling the car to go backwards.  I cracks me up every time.  If you see the game going cheap pick it up for sure.

Watch Dogs 2

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Watch_Dogs_2Received a copy of Watch Dogs 2 for Christmas.  Enjoyed playing the first game.  It did have some problems.  So far has played about may ten hours.  This second game is much brighter and cheery.  There is more a light hearted with the story and dialog.  Which so far is it makes is more fun to play.  The map is pretty big.  Filled with lots to look and do.  Have sent most of the time looking around.  Collecting stuff and doing side missions.

There is a lot more you can do with the “hacking”.  Which is pretty cool.  You get a RC and a drone.  They are some in handy during missions.  Sometime you have to use them.  They did improve the motorcycles in this game.  However they are still not that great.  So far am liking the game.

Watch Dogs 2 – Trailer

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Watch_Dogs_2We are getting closer to 2016’s E3,  Which runs from June 14 to the 16.  Plus all the press conferences days before.  Even with all that happening there is lots of gaming news coming out.  One of there is info on Watch Dogs 2.   There is going to be a world premiere trailer June 8, 2016.  They put out a small teaser trailer > here or below.  There is some small bit of info out.  It will have a new character and is set in San Francisco.

I did enjoy the first Watch Dogs game a lot.  Sure there was a few small problems with it.  Over all it was a fun game.  Am sure this next one will be even better.


There was a livestream today (Wednesday June 8, 2016).  Were Ubisoft showed off the game.  Missed the stream but did watch the full trailer.  You can see that > here or below.  If that game looks as good as the trailer.  It will be pretty awesome.  The new setting looks very fun to explore.  The city all so looks more alive than that last one.  We will see very soon.  Because the game will be out November 15, 2016.

Watch Dogs Review

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PS4WatchDogs.jpgHave finished the main missions and a lot of the side stuff in Watch Dogs.  About 77% done so think it is time for a review.  Have enjoyed playing this game.  There is lots to look and do.  It was fun to unlock and upgrade all the skills.  If fact I reached the max level and all skill unlocked about two missions into act two.  There are five acts in all but would say there are truly only four because the last one on contains one missions.  There are a few things that were great an others that were just ok.  Parts of the story were inconsistent.  Same with the way the characters interact with each other is a bit inconsistent as well. Some of the hacking mini games can be frustrating.  But don’t let those small things take way from this must play games.  Then there is the online play.  Not really into that.  But some times you have to play a bit of it.  Even now again someone will hack into your game.  Were you have to find and kill them before the get all the way in.  Some times you can stop this from even happing but some times it happens any way.  Think it has happened to me about six times and was only able to get the other person three times.

This is another awesome open world game with RPG elements.  The games is beautiful to look at and run around in.   There is lots to do and stuff to unlock.  It is well worth the money because there is many, many hours of gameplay.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Vampire Weekend – Diane Young

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VampireWeekendDianeYoungHave another song to share that I like from the Watch Dogs soundtrack.  It is called Diane Young by Vampire Weekend.  The song is off their third album called Modern Vampires of the City.  You can check out the video > here or below.  While the video is not that great how ever the song is every good.  When driving around in Watch Dogs and that song comes on I keep driving to heard the whole thing.

Watch Dogs 1.03 Patch

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PS4WatchDogs.jpgThere is a new patch out on all systems for Watch Dogs.  This patch fixes all kinds of different things which you can read > here.  There is fixes for multiplayer which are nice but not really into the multiplayer.  Played a few rounds of the racing but that was a bit glitchey.  The big thing for me is replay options.  Just like they did in Far Cry 3.  Once you finish the main storyline and provided you did all the Gang Hideouts and Convoy Missions.  You will be able to reset these so you can play them again.  All so like in Far Cry 3 the hideouts are super fun to take out.  I am know were near finished this game.  On mission three in act 2.  How ever I am maxed out at level 50 and have all but one skill option left to get.  Having a blast playing this game.  If you are still on the fence.  This game is well worth your money.

Julia Klee – Talk

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JuliaKleeLike a lot of open world games that have cars, they have all kinds of different styles of music.  In Watch Dogs when you get into a car a random song starts to play.  How ever you can listen to any song at any time because it is tied to your phone.  You can turn off songs you don’t like or make a playlist.  This is a very cool feature because there are some songs I can not stand listen to.  While trying out my new headset there was one random song that caught my attention.  It is Talk by Julia Klee.  She has a very nice voice.  The song is a jazzy/folk sound to it.  Give it a listen > here or below.

Watch Dogs

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PS4WatchDogs.jpgHave owned my PlayStation 4 and a copy of Watch Dogs for little over a month now.  Not sure why any hours I have played.  Wish there was stats screen or something to show you like most other games have.  Going to guess around 20 to 30 hours (may be more).  Have enjoyed every minute of it.  It is so good.  What makes it awesome is there is so much to look at and do.  Like most games now a days there is some rpg elements.  Have reached level 27 out of 50 and am still on the first Act of the game.  Only have a small few problems.  Some of the hacking (were you have to move little switches with a countdown clock) can be annoying.  It takes lots of re-tries to get some of them and gave up on others.  The other small problem is that I fail each mission/side mission at lest once, sometimes more. For a new IP this game is pretty sweet.  Am sure they will be a second one.  Which should be bigger and better.  If you are holding out on getting Watch Dogs, don’t.  This is a must own.