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I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry Shout Out On EPN

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Have some cool news to share was picked again to get the shoutout on EPN’s The Run Down.  This makes it the second time that I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, got this honor.  Have been watching Electric Playground (EPN) for many years in all their forms.  The first time was back in October 2019.  This time it was on the March 16, 2021 episode.  Which you can see > here or below.

I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry Shout Out On EPN

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Something very cool happened the other day.  Have been watching the Electric Playground in all it’s forms for years and years.  A few years back they have been on YouTube with their channel Electric Playground – EPN.  Then they do a Run Down (this is where they talk about gaming and entertainment news) they dedicate it to one of their fans who writings a comment they like.  I got picked for the September 30th show.  While watching it, was thrown off at first to have my channel name read.  It was very cool.   You can see that video > here or below.

The Rundown – Shout-out

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EPNHave be a fan been a fan of EPN (all so known as Electric Playground or EP Daily).  They might not be on TV any more.  However, for years now have been uploading their work the their YouTube channel > here.  Have been subscribed to the channel when there there was less then 100 people all so subscribed.  Every now again would leave a comment.

The main videos they put out everyday is called The Rundown.  It covers big news in gaming, TV, movies and stuff like that.  At the beginning of each episode Victor Lucas does a shout-out to someone who might a made a comment on a previous video or a comment on Twitter.  Well on the August 1, 2017.  I got The Rundown shout-out dedicated to me.  Was every surprised.  Put a big smile on my face.  You can see the video > here or below.  If you are into video game or pop culture in any may.  Check out their YouTube channel.  There is stuff being upload all the time.

Vic’s Basement Podcast

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VicsBasementHave been listen to Vic’s Basement podcast for a long time now.  Have missed a few here and there.  How ever they are very good.  It is the guys form Reviews On The Run and EP Daily.  Taking about his podcast again because the last few they have had add video as well.  You can still listen all the same ways as before.  But now they are do the podcast live with streaming video.  If you miss it, later on you can listen and  or watch.  Have to say I like it much better that way.  You get to see how they react to each others jokes.  Plus they get to swear since its only on the internet. You can check out there latest one (number 82) > here or below.

Vic’s Basement Podcast

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Was not really into podcast.  Have listened to a few different ones of and on over the years.  But how found one I have listened to and like.  It is called Vic’s Basement.  It is the guys from Reviews On The Run.  Watch that show pretty much very day.  Remember a little while back they talked about the podcast on the show.  Didn’t think much of it.  Until I was on vacation and decided to check it out.  Enjoyed it so much that I listened to the first four.  Have the fifth one on my computer ready to go.  Think why I like it some much is I can put a face to the voice.  Plus they can say what they want on the podcast.  You should give it a listen.  Should tell you if you don’t know what Reviews on the Run is or the podcast is about mostly about video games.  They all so talk about movies, apps and tech products.