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PlayStation Plus June 2018 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free game for PlayStation Plus members for May 2018 is now out.  It may be a small list compare to the last few months.  That being said there are some great ones on the list.  You can read the official blog post > here.  They can be download June 5, 2018.


Trials Fusion



Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Zombie Driver HD: Complete Edition


Atomic Ninjas


Trials Fusion

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TrialsFusion.jpgReached the point in Trials Fusion were the tracks are way to hard to beat.  Get frustrated and quit the track.  Decided to try some of the user made tracks.  Some were pretty cool.  Others not so much.  Some of them you can tell they didn’t play test their own tracks.  Got thinking may be I should try to make my own tracks.  Got into the level editor and then had know idea what to do next.  There is no tutorial that comes with the game.  Did a quick search online, didn’t find much help there.  There are a videos for the previous game.  Not 100% sure if the editor works the same.  Going to have to look more into.  Might be fun to make my own tracks.

Trials Fusion

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TrialsFusionHave put a few hours into Trials Fusion.  Really like this game even when it get a bit frustrating.  Like a lot of these type of games you have to play each level multiple times.  Because to unlock more tracks you need more medals.  To get these bronze, silver and gold you need to pass each level with under a certain time and with only a few faults.  But to get the gold not only get under a certain time and have no faults at all.  So far got gold in the first two tiers.  A few few of these levels played dozens of times.  As you move on the levels with get harder and harder.  So want to get as many medals as possible in the early levels.  This is only one aspect of the games.  There is online play as well as local multiplayer (up to four people).  There is all so tournaments.   Then there is the user created levels.  Which you can download and try.  Or you can make your own.  Have not tried this let.  From the user created tracks I tired it is very well featured.

Trials Fusion

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TrialsFusionAnother game I got for my new PlayStation 4 is Trials Fusion.  It is not very often that I buy a new game right after all ready having a new one.  Most times I wait until I finish one or get tried of it before buying a new one.  Really wanted to try Trials Fusion out ever since I heard about back in March.  It all so has a nice price tag on it.  They were only asking $40 at the store.  You can buy two different you can get off the PSN store.  One is just the plain game going for $20 or you can get the $40 one which will give you all the DLC which is set to come out in the near future.  Much rather have the retail version than the downloaded one.  The retail version comes with a season pass and five unlockable items.  Not sure what this items are.  Will be back with an update when I try the game out.

Trials Fusion

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TrialsFusionThere is a new Trails game coming out soon.  This new one is called Trials Fusion.  It will the the third game in the series.  Sadly only ever got to try a bit of Trials HD and the demo for Trials Evolution.  That is because it was for the Xbox 360 and I don’t own one of those.  The Trials games all most got me to buy a 360 just for these games.  With this new game Playstation owners, well if you own a Playstation 4,  will be happy to finely get to play this series.  Sadly its not coming to the Playstation 3.  Its for the PS4, Xbox One, 360 and PC.

Being on the Playstation 4 is not the only new thing about the game.  There is a physics based trick system.  All so there will be a quad bike.  There is yet one more first.  You will be able to buy a physical version.  It will be all so downloadable.  There is an advantage to buying the physical copy because you will get season pass to six DLC packs.  You can check a trailer out > here or below.