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Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay Demo

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WatchDogs.jpgWe are getting closer to May 27, 2014.  That is the day Watch Dogs is set to come out.  A few days back Ubisoft have put out a nine minute video showing off three modes for the multiplayer.  When I first see the video > here or below I was impressed on who good the game looks.  Another thing that stands out is how they are integrating the single player and multiplayer.  When playing single or multi you will look like the main guy in the game.  How ever you will not look like him everyone will have there own look  when other are hacking into your game.   The modes do look fun.  But not sure if I would play them a lot.  Time will tell.  This is one game I plan to get when I do buy a PS4.

Watch Dogs – Story Trailer

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WatchDogsThere was been a lot of great gamins news as of late.  Now there is some more good news.  One of the most interesting games set to come out, Watch Dogs, has a release date.  Which is May 27, 2014.  First seen this game back at the E3 in 2012.  Looked very cool then and it looks even better now.  Check out the new story trailer > here or below.  This game was first to come out with the new systems but was pushed back.  It’s set to come out on all the systems.  Am sure it will looks really awesome on PS4 and Xbox One.  Want to try this game but on the fence about buying it.  Will have to wait to see some real gameplay and some reviews.