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Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , , on June 27, 2014 by getbent57

TorchlightAs I am typing this (June 24, 2014) the people over at are having a summer sale.  If you haven’t heard of GoG, it stands for Good Old Games.  It is a website that sells older computer games as well as some newer ones for around $15 or under.  What makes this different from other game selling sites is they are DRM free.  While reading a gaming news article talking about the summer sale they were having I had to  check it out.  Took a look at the site and they had Torchlight going for free.  This game first game out in 2009.  All ways wanted to try that game.  So I stopped every thing I was doing.  Sign up for the site and download the game.  It only took minutes.  Have not tried the game yet, will on my day off.   While that was downloading took a look at what other games they have.  There is a lot different types of games.  Some real old ones and others I never heard of and new ones.

[Update] Have played a bit of the first part of the game.  Made it to level five.  This game is pretty much a Diablo clone.  Plays the game you interact with the world and item screens the same.  The one big difference is you have a pet with you.  Which helps you fight and can carry things for you.  Another differences you can use guns as well.