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Topps WWE Summer Slam 2019 Card Packs

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Topps_WWE_Summer_Slam_2019Came across some Topps WWE Sumer Slam 2019 card packs.  A few years ago bought some Topps Walking Dead card boxset.  Like the idea of colleting cards.  However it can cost too much to get a full set.  Then what do you do with them.  It’s not like they are easy to display.  That being said I just had to buy two of these card packs.  These ones are different then the standard pack you might find.  It is the “More Value” pack which comes with 20 cards with an asterisk, “Packs with special insert may contain only 17-19 cards”.   The standard set has seven cards.  I have not opened them yet.  Plan to mark a video for  the, I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry, YouTube channel.

Topps Walking Dead Evolution 2017 Blaster Box

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Topps_Walking_Dead_Evolution_2017_Blaster_BoxBack in the summer I bought a Topps blaster box of trading cards for seasons six  of The Walking Dead.  Basically this is a box that contains ten packs of cards with six cards in each pack.  With one “hit” pre box.   At the time had know idea what “hit” meant.  Turns out it is a special card that could be signed or something different about it.

Well came across a new blaster box.  This time is The Walking Dead Evolution.  This set features characters evolutions across the first seven seasons.  I had to buy it.  Have yet to open it.  Sadly haven’t opened the other one I talked about above.  This is because I had know way of storing them. Until now bought a plastic box which is designed to hold cards.  It is a Pro Dual from the company Ultra Pro.