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Top Gear Patagonia Special Trailer

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Top_Gear_Patagonia_Special.jpgNot sure why I haven’t posted this earlier.  There is a trailer out now for Top Gear’s Patagonia special.  The trailer is their trademark short but pack a lot of awesome in.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  The special will air over two nights. Part one will air December 27, 2014 which is a Saturday.  Then on Sunday December 28 part two will air.  This Christmas special will have the guys, “attempt a 1600-mile epic journey through Patagonia to the most southerly city in the world, ferried by a trio of distinctly ropey sports cars.”

Top Gear Patagonia Special

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Top_Gear_Patagonia_SpecialIt has been a long time since there has been any new Top Gear on TV.  The last episode was on in March 2014.  Was starting to think there wouldn’t be any until 2015.  There is some good news there will an all new special airing this Christmas.  From what I have read it will air in two parts and is called the Patagonia Special.  They will be traveling in there famous Top Gear style to the southernmost city in Argentina for a game of car football.  Am pretty sure they will be a trailer out soon.  When it does will be posting it.

[Update] Had this (above) typed up a week or more ago.  Just found out the air dates for the special.  Part one will air December 27, 2014 which is a Saturday.  Then on Sunday December 28 part two will air.

Top Gear Series Twenty One Burma Special

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topgear-logo.jpgThis Sunday (March 9, 2014) is the day that Top Gear will air part one of this series special.  Which is being called the Burma Special.  Like past series the special it will be broken into two parts.  The second half will air the next Sunday, March 16th.  The plot for this special is, they have the team trying to build a bride over the river Kwai in Burma.  To do this they bought three second hand lorries off the internet sight unseen.  Pretty sure this will be an epic and most funny episodes of the series.  You can check out a small trailer for the special > here or below.

Top Gear: Polar Special

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TopGearPolarSpecialWhile still waiting for series twenty one of Top Gear.  Went through the list of episodes and specials.  Then realized that I have ever seen the Polar Special.  Seen lots of clips but never the full thing.  So I had to check it out.  Driving trucks to the North Polar sounds like it might be a bit easy.  But you will see (if you never seen it like me) that is not the case.  While it is still a TV show you can see how much work it really is.  Can see it on there faces.  All so how the start acting towards each other.  While this is a very good special their best (and my personal favourite)  to date has to be their Vietnam Special.  Top Gear is one of those shows I cannot get enough of.

Top Gear Special 50 Years Of Bond Cars

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January is a long way off to wait for some new Top Gear.  Have some good news they had a special that air called 50 years of Bond cars.  They put this one out in time for the new James Bond movie Skyfall.  Have not seen many bond films so it was cool to see how good/bad some of these old movies were.  The best part about this show is some one uploaded it to YouTube > here.  That is were I watched it.  Not sure how long it will be up.  So if you are interested check it out fast.

Top Ground Gear Force

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TGGF With series fifteen Top Gear starting soon (June 27).  I decided to check out some older shows.  Was on Wikipedia and they have a list of the specials one is called Top Ground Gear Force.  I remember a friend talking about this so I had to check it out.  It was made for the charity Sports Relief back in 2008.

This special is funny as hell.  They take over Sir Steve Redgrave’s garden to improve it with out him knowing.  As you might guess they mess it up big time but in funny and crazy ways.  When Jeremy comes out with a shotgun to weed part of the garden, I haven’t laugh that loud in a long time.

If you ever get a change to watch this.  Watch it you will bust a gut at the stupid but funny things they do.

You can see part one > here

part two > here