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Wasn’t feeling so good today.  Didn’t feel like doing too much so decided to watch some Top Gear.  Bought the series 18 DVD back in June and never got around to watching all the episodes.  Not sure why since I love this show.  So laid in bed and watched disc two.  These guys crack me up every time.  Even with multiple viewings.  Looking forward to series 19 which will start in January 2013.  There will be a Christmas special as well.  Which is not really that far way when you think about it.

Top Gear DVD

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TopGearSeries18 Was in a store looking for something to get my father for Father’ Day and saw something I wanted.   It was the DVD of Top Gear series 18.  So I had to buy it.  Love this show.  It is three DVD’s with the India special and a bunch of other extras.  Now I am thinking about collecting all the series now.  It is going to be a long wait until series 19 starts, some time in January 2013.  So this might hold me over.  If not will have to go back and watch the old episodes.

Top Gear Series Eighteen

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I about a week series eighteen Top Gear will start off with their Christmas special.  The 28 of December is the day.  Then in January the show will start airing.  Still not sure what day in January but know it will be a Sunday.  On the Top Gear website they posted some pictures, a sneak peak preview,  click > here to see them.  Or you can see some of the ones I like below.