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New Project

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MapleTree Decided to start on a new sort of long term video project.  Now that it is September which pretty much fall will be here soon.  The idea I am working on, thought about doing it last year but it was too late.  Ok back to the idea.  We have a very leafy maple tree in the yard.  The plan is to take is to take a picture of it every day.  Put all these pictures together in a time-lapse video.  The goal is to see the tree turn from green to changing colour then to falling off.  Going to try and take the picture at the same time every day, around 5/6pm.  That might change as the fall kicks in a the sun goes done earlier.  Also in the same spot so the video wouldn’t be do jarring.  Think this will turn out pretty good.  All so plan to set up a new web page to show the progress.  Need to think of a name as well.  So check for more updates.

The Project

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Have set up a new page on this blog called The Project.  Click that link or the link the right side under the Pages section.  A quick run down, The Project is a time lapse video I am working on.  Set up the page to share pictures from every time I set I shoot.  Then the final video when it is done.  Trying to make this the biggest video project I have tried.  So far I have two days of shooting done.  Plan to shoot every day on my days off for the next month or so.  So check back often to see new pictures and then the finale project.


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Last night while trying to fall asleep and failing as usual.  Got thinking I need to get back into making video projects been months since I made one.  I enjoy making them.  Weather they are bad or not its no big deal still fun.  Got up and charged up the battery in my GoPro.  Decided I am going to make another time lapse video.  Going to make this one more grand in scale.  The plan so far is to shoot in many different places over a longer time.  Lets say for the next month or so on my days off I’ll head out to a different spot round where I live.  Set up the camera for a few hours and see what I get.  Have a few ideas in my head how I want to edit it as well.  All so thinking I should make the sound track as well.  Then truly be my project.

All so have a different project floating around in my head.  Was watching some Top Gear.  The all ways do some cool things with filming and editing.  There is one thing I think I can pull off.  Want to try it will my motorcycle.  It is still winter so I am going try a small scale first.  Then when the weather gets warmer try it my motorcycle.  If that works out as so hope it does.  Plan to turn that into a bigger project with more bikes and cars.

(Picture is a from the first day of time lapse shooting)

Lapse Of The Sun

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The last few posts I made have been talking about a making a time-lapse video.  Well it is now done and uploaded.  Like before have uploaded it to YouTube and Vimeo.

This is my first real attempt to make a time-lapse video. Spent the last few days filming the sun from different angles. Using my GoPro 960 to take the pictures. Made the sound track myself as well. The opening title was made using After Effects with the help of tutorials on Video


Vodpod videos no longer available.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video Copilot

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VideoCopilot Yesterday I made a post > here.   Talking about making a time-lapse video.  Which is turning out pretty good.  It is just going to take some time since 330 pictures is about 10 seconds long.   Well back to the the title, Video Copilot.  This website all about Adobe After Effects.  They have a bunch of very nice tutorials for all level users.   They all so sell videos/presets/elements and that you can use in your projects.  This is a very professional stuff.

While I have watched a few of their tutorials.  Got thinking I should make a into video that I could use in all future video projects.  You know like when you watch a movie. Example the Fox or WB logos at the start of a movie.  So that is what I did.  Very happy with they way it turned out.  You will get to see what when the time-lapse video is done.

Oh, all decided that I should make everything for the video.  So I am working a song for it as well.  Most of time I use or find a song I like.  All so happy with the way that is turning out as well.


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Sun Working on making a time-lapse video.  Tried making one back in April.  You can see some of that in the video I made for the Whales video contest > here.  It turned out ok for a first try.  But last night learned a new trick that saves so much time and effort.  While I was editing the new batch of pictures I took.  Would manually edit each picture down to 00:00:01 of a second.  To make a smooth time-lapse video you need about 30 pictures for every one second.  After doing this for about 150 pictures.  Got thinking there was to be a better way.  So got looking around in the editing program I use, Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0.  Found and option that lets you set the frames of each picture in the project.  Saved some much time.   One I set that up all I had to so was drag the picture on to the timeline.

Plan to capture a lot of different angles of the sun and clouds or what not.  Mix them together in to a new video.  So far I have three clips done.  One is being “filmed” as I type this.   Trying to get one of the sun moving across the sky.  Using my GoPro HD Hero 960 to make this.  Had the battery die on me last night trying to get the sunset.  So check back ever so often.  Will be posting it some point to the future.

Tempest Milky Way

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TempestMilkyWay The video (below) called Tempest Milky Way I must say it is the coolest timelapse video I have ever seen.   It was made by Randy Halverson over at  He has all kinds of videos there.   Would like to try and make of of these motion controlled timelapse videos.  These videos are a good inspiration for sure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.