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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season Two

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The second and last season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond start date snuck up on me.  Was thinking it would be after the first part season 11 for The Walking Dead ended. Well I was wrong it starts today (October 3, 2021).  Over all liked the first season.  It had some really interesting parts.  So looking forward to seeing how it all ties into the other shows and the up coming movie/s.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond News

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The_Walking_Dead_World_BeyondHave some new news to share about the third Walking Dead show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.  We now know when it will air.  Right after the last episode of season ten of The Walking dead, April 12, 2020.  There will be ten episodes.  This is all good news.  But there is more they have all said there will only be two seasons.  Which I find interesting that they would do this.  Then again if they have it all planed out from the start it would make the storylines easier and to the point.   I will be checking it out.  Thinking at some point they will put out a new trailer.