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The Walking Dead Season Two Part Two

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It has been a long wait but the second half of season two of The Walking Dead is all most here.  February 12, 2012 is the day.  Was watching an interview with one of the actors the other day.  He said, he couldn’t say much but with the bit slower pace of the first half has put in place some good stuff that will happen next.  Of course I am sure there will be a huge cliff hanger at the end of the last episode.  Then we will have to wait all over again for season three.

The Walking Dead Update

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Have some great news about The Walking Dead.   Was checking out IMDB there is an article about AMC shows.  Like season two they ordered 13 episodes.  How ever they have upped that to 16.   This is awesome news.  Not only there will be an season three but with more episodes.  Guess they are going to do the same thing the did with this season as they did with seasons two is break it up into two parts.  With 16 episodes that will make it more even before and after the break.

A reminder that the second half of seasons two starts up again February 12, 2012.  Six more awesome episodes to look forward to watching.