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The Walking Dead Season Two: Mid Season Review

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Episode seven of season two of The Walking Dead aired Sunday night (November 27, 2011).  So this marks the ending of the first half of the season.  The next six will start airing February 12, 2012.   I knew episode seven was going to end with a bang and boy did it ever.  This season has been so awesome so far.  It can only get better.  What I like most about this season so far is they get to let the characters grow.  If you have not seen these first bunch episodes you need to check them out.  Will buy buying this season comes out on Blu-ray and or DVD.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Walking Dead Season Two Update

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Have not talked about The Walking Dead in about a month so going to talk about it again.  Episode six of season two aired last night (November 21, 2011).  So that means there is one more before they take a break.  It kinds of sucks that we have to wait February 12, 2012 to see that last six episodes of the season.  That is over a two month wait.  Oh well, the show is so good it its wroth the wait.  So far this season as been awesome.  Having so many episodes compared the the first season they get to show more drama.  Let the characters grow.  I can see episode seven being a big one with a big blow up.  Something going to happen and leave us hanging, wanting more.